Patch 1.08 multiplayer improvements

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For those who don't know, the next patch is going to make it more worthwhile to play in parties. The monster damage buff for additional players will be reduced, and the player benefits increased. So join up with your fellow anzacs and kill some demon scum!

If anyone wants to add me, I'm happy to run with all sorts of different players. I mostly do mp6-8 elite kill runs, and mp8-10 key farming, but will do other runs if the party wants to. I'm also happy to help up and coming players on any mp level. Slight caveat - I can't do mp10 uber carries. If you want that there are frequent threads with people offering to help, usually for free.
Gooball - add me for key runs, I am on most weeknights from 8 till 10ish

Awesome news. Maintenance scheduled for Tuesday night!

1.0.8 ahoy!

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