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Demon Hunter
I'm sitting at around 1.5k DPS, which I know by reading these forums is fairly low.

I have 3 set NATs (see gear) and am wondering if it's worth getting out of that set for something more powerful, or if I should just try and find better nat gear with more dex/crit chance.

Any advice on my build will be warmly welcome - speak candidly!

There's nothing wrong with a 3-piece Nat set, but I would do it with the boots instead of the helm. Nat Sight is not a great helm unless you want 4 pieces for the discipline. I would go Mempo instead for the attack speed which will boost your DPS, and the resists and life will boost your EHP.

Your gems definitely need upgrading especially in your Manti. The gems you have now are only about 200k gold. You can get a 70% crit damage one for about 700k, 80% for about 2.5M, or 90% for 6.5M. It depends on how much you have to spend.
My recommendations:

1. Pants with similar Dex, Vit, and Sockets, but with Res All or Armor as well.
2. Nat's Boots
3. High Dex Mempo (250+ Dex) or Andy's Visage
4. Upgrade All of your jewelry, focusing on the Crit Chance, Crit Damage, IAS, and Dex affixes.
5. Once you've done all that, look into getting some Inna's pants and a Witching Hour.

DHs that use one hand crossbows prioritize average damage on their jewelry. Manticore users (correct me if I'm wrong) don't, as they already have high damage and benefit more from high crit damage rolls on their items.
My Recommendations

1. Mempo, with Dex to start, Dex Vit if you have the gold, or Dex Crit if you have lots and lots of gold.
2. Innas legs, Attack speed and crit are great.
3. Dex Manti, stick with one socket until you can get a good 2 socket one.
4. Nats Boots.
5. Lacunis
6. Trifecta ring and High CC and CD with AVG Damage Neck.
7. Innas belt, or if you can afford it get a Witching Hour
8. Upgrade Gems
9. Gloves are great, just try to get higher of all those stats, look at mine for example.
10. ???
11. Profit

@ Red for the manti you go Crit Damage with one socket, assuming you have a higher damage 2 socket with good weapon damage % you go ruby and emerald
Thanks - this is great. I will start making changes here - starting with the helm.


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