Tal Rasha's for a Fire damage build on WD

Witch Doctor
Hey everyone.

I was just wondering if running two pieces the Tal Rasha's set on a witch doctor for the added fire skills damage is something that would be remotely viable. I'm not exactly sure how the added fire damage works to be honest (part of me feels like it is a wizard only thing), but i was considering the idea of running the amulet with the added fire damage and then the chest armor for the attack speed and the added fire damage the set bonus supplies.

If that is the case, then could this be used with some kind of build that made use of Fire Bomb/Blazing Spiders, Fire Bats, Searing Locusts, Tiki Torchers,Burning Dogs, and possibly even Umbral Shock? Just thought this seemed like an interesting idea so I'd be interested in hearing what other people have to say about it. This could then also benefit from items that increase corpse spiders/locust swarm damage.

I have put down some thoughts regarding fire dmg buffs at:

In general I assume you want to keep the zuni set.
Tal ammy is almost the best ammy and that's a go for sure.
The question is what you are going to take for the second piece.

If you can use a Zuni String mojo, the tal helm with 6cc is the best for the money.
If not, the tal belt can be used too. However, you are going to miss the crit dmg provided by the Witching hour belt (in which the 3% fire can't compensate for.).

If you are not using the Zuni set, that's a long discussion and I dont want to get into.
I don't think the 3% fire skills damage is worth it. Over at the Monk's forums, a WKL is well regarded because of the 20+% to lightning skills. By contrast, 3% is really too little, and our WD's major damage spells are non-fire (mostly poison). Even the Wizards don't give much regard to their set bonus and are using our Zuni 2-3 pc
If you were going to do it there is only 1 option:

Tal amulet/chest
Zuni head/ring/boots/mojo.

Say you were using burning dogs, searing locusts and cloud of bats.... is it really worth it?
Probably not.

Alternatively you could use:
Z ring/boots/mojo/chest and VoG

This way you have max mana, max crit chance. More mana= more damage.
I wouldn't be too quick to say the Zuni set is required.

If I am doing the math correctly (which I might not be)

You could go:
Tals Chest 8%
Tals Ammy
Zuni boots
Zuni Pox
WH 8%
Mana Regen Mojo (ZSoS will be a bonus for the 55 AR)
VoG -12 firebats +14 mana
- firebats SoJ
Vile wards
Rare pants, bracers, gloves

So your APS should be 1.624 and you would be burning 44 mana per second channeling so you would be burning 71.456 mana per second. And you would have a mana regen of 45+14+14 = 73 mana/sec.

You need to have a few very nice, very niche pieces of gear to make it work.

I'm also not sure my math on how much mana you would burn is correct.

Also it is almost certainly not going to be better on a budget than going for a zuni set, on the very high end range tals chest/ammy might be bis though.

EDIT: Sell something is wrong with my math, because even with BR or SA, I can't channel forever using that set up, but I can channel for a really long time. But using both, I go infinite.

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