struggling on mp7. what's the problem?

pretty brand new to monk, poked around here copied some specs and tested em etc. spent a decent amount of gold on this guy.

what's the deal, doing something wrong?
Honestly I don't know, other than your sheet dps maybe being a touch low you seem to have more than enough statwise to hang in MP7.

Maybe you just need some more time in the saddle to get used to mechanics. One thing I will say is that coming from a barb, you may be used to entirely ignoring all ground hazards; for most monks that simply isn't possible.

If I had to guess your struggles are simply due to a bit of inexperience. With that in mind, generally speaking using Combination Strike is a great damage booster but isn't the most beginner monk-friendly spec. If you find you are dying a lot, I'd suggest dropping WotHF and adding Serenity/Ascension and then adding Beacon of Ytar instead of Combo Strike, at least until you are more comfortable with the class in general.
yeah avoiding stuff is a bit of a pain haha. i'm using to going mp10 and standing in anything on my barb.
Single ls weapon won't work as well vs ground effects unless you are using bells or tail kicks, you just have to get used to stick and move or you will get the plague.
Just like the previous posts, Monks don't stand and fight for too long. Or at least my Monk doesn't stand and fight. Its more a hit-and-run for me.
When my health gets below half and everything is on cool-down, I start dancing.

You have a good barb which can stand up to anything. They are easier to play than Monks
I replaced my WKL with a lower dps WKL that has life steal. figured that'd help having dual LS weps.
i think u are lacking Crit dmg, more crit dmg = more leech
both your rings lack crit dmg , so does your WKL and with the ruby your main hand only has 53 %
your gloves also lack crit dmg.
only your amu + your main hand has crit dmg that gives u not even 150 crit dmg aight ?
imo you should have atleast 300 crit dmg , better 350+

also u have lots of items with high all res and still u use one with everything, i guess u could spare some money if u focus on your main resi and spend the money to improve your dps instead of getting so much all resi.

also a nice way to keep alive is Wave of light or seven sided strike , always when u are low u just cast one of those both skills and u leech SOOOOO much life , since u are invulnerable with seven sided strike and the dmg u do ( 777% weapon dmg ) gives u nice leech.
With wave of light u just get from every monster u hit with it leech from 800 % weapon dmg , that gives quite a boost

So In my opinion u should get more Crit dmg, and try to use wave of light instead of blinding flash to have nice life leech and more EHP

best regards ;)
Lacuni's is actually rather unnecessary for a monk for one thing. While attack speed is nice when your dual wielding I don't think that extra 9% is worth you missing out on the other stats you can get on a good crafted bracer. If you try and you can probably get one with good cc, over 200 dex, good vit, and all resist rather easily. I would definitely recommend doing that.

Also like people have side kiting is essential. Especially with plague that junk will mess you up.
That 2nd LS weapon will probably help your survivability quite a bit since your overall EHP is pretty decent. It will help even more as your DPS increases.

Since you aren't using bells you may benefit more from a radiant star emerald in your MH.
I have a monk 2. I just happen to notice all your great gears are awesome.

Raise your ALL RESIST to above 500+ will greatly improve your survivability. Increase your vitality.

Use serenity with the 4 second rune to keep yourself alive through mobs, burning grounds, frozen etc.

You may be in need of life steal and life on hit weapon. The butchers Sickle weapon can be a great choice.

For one of the 3 skills in the bottom, you can choose near death experience. It helped me thorough ubers at times.

The rest of the skills are up for you to test and explore. :)
try keeping serenity with ascension as a cool down to save your butt. that cool down i feel is essential for someone with lower dps, low dps like that means you'll be in front of elites for a longer period of time.
Try to swap out the ruby for an emerald at your weapon. You have a decent CC% but way too low CD% for it to be effective.
Dashing strike is something good to experiment with, VERY awesome for mobility.
I just used it lately and it is very fun AND fast, quite fits what Monk is all about.

Even when you're jailed, you can moved around with it.
As long you have quick source of spirit you could teleport to any place you want.
If you could give up your FoT>thunderclap to quickening, you will shine with other spirit intense builds, like the Bell, while still having Dashing Strike.

You could also experiment with Pacifism passive, with it you will eat frozen elites for lunch.
Struggling on MP7. It is related your killing efficiency. Your gear is fine. But your dps is little bit low. Yes, increasing your CD% I think.
A couple of things that I noticed on my quick perusing through your profile:

(1) I'm not sure if putting a ruby in your MH makes sense for your build, since most of your damage is coming from the FoT/TC & SW/Cyclone combination. Ruby's damage is limited to MH, which makes sense for WoL builds, but not for skills whose damage is calculated using both weapons.

(2) Gimping your paper DPS and getting more lightning skills damage on your WKL will make a pretty big difference. The closer you get to 25%, the more your build will shine

(3) It looks like your resists are looking a bit low. For monks at your DPS level, the minimum threshold people typically advise would be at least 600 if not 650, and it looks like you are sitting below 500. Lower mitigation means less effective life steal. Having high HP, low mitigation and single LS is not going to cut it.

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