Gargantuan AI...

Witch Doctor
... is in need of work.

Sometimes he just stands around while I fight. I foresee many deaths due to him staring off to the sky. Isn't he supposed to be pretty much my tank pet?

Right now I'm just standing in town. I'm at the stash while he is over by the blacksmith. Does he forge equipment too?
yeah a lot of the pet AI is not great but i find that the zombie dogs is the best. Hex AI is also terrible as well it often just stands way behind me and does nothing the whole time its summoned even though there are plenty of mobs in front of me to turn into a pig
whahahaha... lol... I though only my gargantuan that act like this (staring off to the sky).... the easy way to solve this is re cast the gargantuan... maybe he is tired... lol...

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