WOL with an emerald or a ruby

So I've seen alot of people say that a marquise ruby is better than an emerald when using WOL. I was just wondering if those using a skorn with around 200-220k dps can tell me their numbers for crit values on the first or second tick of WOL. Right now I am pulling around 1.5-1.6 mill crit on one of these ticks using a radiant emerald. But of course I would gladly switch to a ruby if I hear good things. Thankyou very much everyone
d3up.com might help, but if CC is about 45-50% then emerald is the way
Compare a Radiant Star Ruby vs Radiant Star Emerald:

Ruby had a more consistent damage range, but lower max damage (take it as 30-80%)
Emerald can hit 20% more on max but can also hit very low damage range (take it as 10-100%)
I use a ruby in my skorn, the biggest crit i can get with one wave is 4.5 mil (both hits) nomally i avg about 3.3 mil per bell. With buffs up (blind and overawe can get 5 mil maybe more)

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