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+1 to rollback, also thanks for providing us with some info on this
def. rollback.

Then again, you guys have the total numbers, and the amount of duped gold in the system might just be a drop in the ocean.
There HAS to be a rollback, there has been to much damage done.
Yea, I do not condone using exploits that would harm D3's already fragile economy... ugh more work!
I wouldn't say that a rollback is necessary. Unless you guys are willing to go back and give everyone their money back that spent real money on the game. Or just take you guy's time and find out the majority of the exploiters. I mean, even some streamers were clearly doing it to show everyone. Rollbacks are not necessary in my opinion though.
What did you do Blizzard?

How does D3's economy break so fast when TF2's economy has been stable for years? Hire an economist like Valve.
The economy was already jacked up. From the people I saw duping gold, they had a large amount as it is. Poor people are still typically poor.

As long as all RMAH transactions are refunded and/or returned, then I suppose it wouldn't hurt.


All that needs to be said now ROLLLLLLLLBAAAACK

370 Trillion? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) But at what cost?

if there isnt a rollback the game will die due to it wasnt just the people dupping but also giving out the billions upon billions to others spreading it out among a lot of people.
+1 rollback
I don't care if there is a rollback or not, but keep Inigo banned. He deserved that, single handedly tried to destroy our economy on stream.
Roll Back.

How else will they subtract the trillions of gold newly introduced into the game?
There shouldn't even be a question about rolling back. It's one simple day, not a lifetime. If I found and crafted 5 of the best items i've ever seen in my life just today I would still feel a rollback is MANDATORY. You may want to consider a gold cap AND removing the RMAH all together as well. This game does not need 2 forms of currency.
No rollback

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