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A Rollback is essential for this games future right now, please do one.
ban + rollback = mandatory.

bye-bye RMAH revenues if you don't rollback
Rollback you !@#$ers
wow that's all you have to say blizzard, you really don't care
I am kinda new to this but if there is even the notion that there might be a rollback should you not just take the servers down completely to prevent people from gaining exp/loot drops that they might not get to keep. It seems that it would be better to do the servers coming down instead of leaving them up only to create another situation in which players are upset again. Can we get a real answer on the rollback question.... Please and thanks!
Blizzard WILL be doing a rollback, anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. Certain players have made over 300 TRILLION gold which is around $1000 RL money if the market returns to the way it was. Blizzard will not allow this.
The scream of a thousand murlocs could be heard throughout the land, as Blizzard issues the biggest ban wave in online gaming history.

+1 for rollback.
ty guzi men
bans + rollbacks would be a good solution
rollback needs to happend
Applaud. Good thing the whole thing's quarantined for now.

Did not expect such chaos when I got back from work.
rollin rollin rollling ROLLBACK!!!
Not the best bday present I got today but its a good one.
Blizzard, can you even legally do a rollback with real money involved? It's not like you can tell paypal to retrieve money from players' bank accounts
BANN HAMMER FTW!!!! BANN THEM ALL!!! Now time to spam overpower for me.

I'm liking the new sound effect :)

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