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Just curious, and maybe this question has already been addressed in earlier forums, in which case I apologize in advance, but why does it seem like this new patch (1.0.8.) has so many bugs? I don't mean for this question to sound demeaning in any way. I know the folks at blizzard work very hard to make this game everything that it is and will be. But, I am under the impression that the PTR was implemented just for this type of situation, to test patches prior to launch to seek out bugs and balance issues within the game. Why were so many bugs released with this new patch when we have the PTR and why weren't these bugs found during the PTR phase?
Still can't fix this one huh?
I sure hope once the ah issues fade into memory this is fixed it really slows me down if I want to grab stuff to salvage for crafting essences.
Is there any chance in the world you'll consider implementing a /nopickup command along with this fix? People would LOVE you for it.

Noone like picking up tons of garbage, or worse yet, accidentally clicking on an item on the ground that interrupts the flow of combat, and often gets you killed.
Will it at least be hotfixed? I'd hate to have to deal with this crap for six+ more months.
this game might be better if its for only pc....

well 3 weeks ptr(or more) and these little bugs or "mistakes" exist in game... Congat. Bliz dev team...!
I wonder if there is any hope that the "push to show" bug is getting fixed during this maintenance.

I hate it...hate it hate it hate it...

Also, 1.0.8 is a great improvement to the game. Good job blizz.
Hey, rate my EU character! Oh, you !@#$ing can't! DO something about that already! FFS!!!!
It's fixed.

The fix is some kinda h/a workaround. You can tell because its processing longer before it accepts.
With push to show you are still forced to dig through a bunch of white/blue items to get to the rare/legendary. I made a thread about it and would appreciate some input.

Of course this is how Diablo 2 worked (if push to show actually worked right which it doesn't) but this is Diablo 3 and supposed to be better no?

The notifications are really good though. even when soloing:

Hybrid DH Wizard is sweet too. I like this new class.

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