30 Mil

Im trying to build a monk I have no clue im trying to make one that can farm but doesn't have to be amazing I am trying to have something to break away from my Barb every onece in a while

Thanks yall
whatever you do gear wise, just buy bid only and snipe stuff <1m. Will require patience but you will make your gold go so much further.

As far as what to buy, check out some of the gearing guides, there are many very good ones.
I was looking into skorn builds any of them that u recommend
05/05/2013 04:29 PMPosted by Laneer3307
I was looking into skorn builds any of them that u recommend

Tempest Rush.
Check out Druin's Tempest Rush compendium, its pretty much the definitive guide to the spec.

Tempest Rush with high end gear is *the best* farming spec in the game in terms of xp, legends and Demonic Essence per hour.

For 30 million you could certainly put together a starter set for fastfarming MP0/1 if you are patient.
k ty
My biggest tip for you right now is choose what kind of resistance you want. The items you have mixed resistance on aren't expensive items they are all pretty cheap. You are pretty much lightning res so just change the ones you have to lightning res and all res or just one or the other, and get some crit on amulet, bracers, rings. Get some vit all around. If you want skorn builds I don't know much about them but I know you will want crit and more health/resistance for any build.

For now without trying a sweepest rush build get sweeping wind cyclone, even with your low cc it will still be worth it. And get faith in the light rune on blinding flash as that is low spirit and adds tons of dps temporarily. Also change mantra to conviction probably with overawe but if you are set on mantra of evasion get backlash even if your dodge chance isn't super high it's better than what you are running now. Sixth sense is definitely not good for you, especially when you have such a low %

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