Where does The Fist of Az'Turrasq Drop!?

Where can I farm this thing!?
I believe I found the one in my stash doing either CoTA runs or Festering Woods runs. It was one of those, just not sure which.
it drops where it's hot
05/13/2013 07:40 PMPosted by Shogun
Where can I farm this thing!?

You can farm it where you can farm any other non-quest item... anywhere and everywhere.

Question is... Why would you want to? Dont think i've ever actually seen one with decent rolls.
It drops in Inferno Difficulty.

The best place to farm is the AH.
there's no drop-location in this fail rpg, lol
that's why it's almost impossible to farm a specific legendary.

the best place to find it is in the AH, regretfully, but fortunately. ;)
I only found 1.
it had vit roll. 1270 ish DPS, sold for 20 mil
just found one in COTA, 3rd for me...

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