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I love the ideas in this thread. Most of the lore could be taken straight from the BOC, or else thought up freshly. I also love the idea of further customization options with visuals on characters. Nothing better in d2 than having the glow of a full tals set, or the transformation of a full trangs set.

I feel that if there were collectible items though, there would definitely need to be a place for them other than the stash. Perhaps next to Cain's book...
Oh and whats next? A little house that we can find pieces and build furniture for for our characters when we're offline?

Lets keep the 'special' MMO people where they belong. Do NOT waste valuable resource time on things that are not directly related to the game, i.e new levels, an expansion or what not.

If people want to browse through art and collectibles and not want to play the game, let them do that on the internet or any number of other dozens of other places. Please do not waste development resources on people who want to play house in Diablo 3. Let them go back to whereever the hell they came from.
read the posts there, a lot of fans would like to see some of this stuff and were disappointed when finding out that was just a dream. Maybe take the info that is right there and try working with some of that. The raids in caves with higher monster power and epic boss's at the end would be nice. along with the new crafter, allowing much more diverse looks threw the D world. Both I think are great adds that is just free information to work with.
Class specific collectables i.e.
WD- necklace of ears collect from different rare humanoids
Barb- necklace of teeth collect from different rare beasts
Wiz- arcanum collect different pages from different rare spell casters
Monk- prayer beads dropped from creatures in certain defiled shrines or locations.
DH- miasma vial filled with the corruption of certain demons.

I thnk it would be best for complete collections to give a graphics unique to your class, and perhaps class specific properties. great topic and lots of good ideas.
No more BoA items. Also the lore was never really a huge part of the Diablo series.
Diablo 3 is about killing monsters. If people need 'a new reason' to go out and kill monsters... be it collectibles, barbie dolls or whatever it maybe, let them go back to whereever the hell they came from and be done with it.
Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

What's the purpose of this? We all know any ideas brought up here aren't going to make it in the game in our lifetime, if ever. To me this is more of the same old string along the community, empty open dialog.
Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

I think more account bound items add more to the game as far as incentive goes.

I think this would be very fitting for D3 because there is still a large portion of the game centralized around the Auction House. There are other priorities enabled to allow players to continue playing even when it's down, adding more expands the horizon of the game itself.

Similar to the Uber ring you can create, more item incentive such as that to earn ability to create more high end account bound items.
This idea is not new, the ring already uses.

I have a idea to create a rare portal (with little chance)
thats teleport a player to new boss, where kill them guarantee a legendary
or legendary piece.
I like the idea, though I think there needs to be a reward for the achievement rather than just, "Yay, you got all the pieces to the 'Diablo wearing a pink dress' artwork!! Players generally need more to do. Right now we want that awesome item drop.. why? To get better items, to sell for more gold, to buy better items...

So what about a gold reward, random radiant gem reward... whatever.. I dunno...

I just want more! lol.
Fresh idea: There should be bonus for wearing ALL same prefix/suffix, or same named items.
Something ridiculous like +10% to str/dex/int/ias/cc/cd/loh/life steal/movement speed etc for every additional piece :)

I like this idea.

Make Grey, White, and Blue items the base items used in crafting. Would give them a real purpose and make crafting a lot more fun. Find a blue with allres or armor or vit...role that piece in hopes of making it an awesome rare, or even perhaps a legendary?

A quest or option to socket items would make a lot of other wise looked over items, mainly weapons, viable.

I was also thinking something like "fusing" items. For example, combine a blue chromatic (51-80 allres) chestpiece with Tal'Rasha's chestpiece, causing the Tal'Rasha to inherit all resistance stat. This would normally be too powerful so I think that once this fuse is performed the resulting item should become Bind to Account. This will allow players to enhance the gear they no longer plan on upgrading over or parting with, and simultaneously add an item sink to the economy.

I haven't really thought too hard on the ramifications this could have, or if anyone would even be willing to bind their best gear. However, I think with some polishing this could be a pretty good idea.
I was thinking about something similar; some monsters could drop designs to customize how your chest / pants / helm / shoulder / gloves look. There could be like 10 designs (or even more) for each piece of armor, all of them being part of a matching set (like the high tier armor in WoW). Since it is a collector's thing, all designs should be BoA, so no one could buy the entire collection via AH / trade. It would change only the aesthetical aspect of the armor, no stats, no bonus.

The monster dropping these could be any rare monster (with their name in purple), and they could drop any of the designs at a low rate. Those monsters could also be buffed in a significant way (since they are ridiculously weak). The purple would be useful for once. For a certain amount of gold, let's say 100 000, Haedrig could change your piece of armor for any of the design you've collected.

Just an idea... Customization is fun (:
Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

Can you tell me what's the secret of Black Rock Ledgers on act2 first?
Achievements should be able to be used on something. It can be something as simple as a pet, or an item that gives a buff for a while, but just something to make achievements a worthwhile endeavor.

The collectibles idea is pretty cool. I would suggest 2 possible grind and collect type things. one would be collect pieces for an item that creates a jewel, like in diablo 2, that you can put in a socket rather than just gems.

The other would be to create an item that lets you replace one stat on a piece of armor for another random one. You would need the farmed item plus gold, and the gold you spend exponentially increases if you use the farmed item on the same armor piece repeatedly.
5 rare collectible items which can be used to craft 1 of 3 (player selection) follower tokens with following properties:

- 200-300 vitality or main stat
- 6-9% attack speed or life
- 50-100% crit dmg or 50-100 AR
- 5-10% crit chance or 250-500 armor
- 250 LoH or 500 life/sec

Which of the 2 options will be crafted depends on the color of each 5 rare collectibles
Each collectible has 2 possible color variations.

For example:
Blue unicorn horn (dropped by unicorn mob in rainbow level, +20% drop chance when killed by WD/DH/Wiz hero) ---> 6-9% attack speed
Purple unicorn horn (dropped by unicorn mob in rainbow level, +20% drop chance when killed by Barb/Monk hero) ---> 6-9% life

choose to craft follower token with above 5 properties or craft for a legendary ring with following 1 guaranteed property:

- summon an indestructible pet
the pet provides 1 of the following services:

- auto collects gold and legendary + set items
- always points to the direction of your nearest elite pack
- provides an extra 30 grids of item storage on follower

the pet type & appearance + which one of the above properties will appear depends on color combination of the 5 collectibles
not sure about collectable other stuff but a legendary/set item setup that would allow me to record my "best" drops for each. this would allow for more achievements for completion. and allow me to remember what ive gotten.
this is what i think should happen. Weekly releases of new gear.

So after almost a year of Diablo things have worked and things have not.

Working so far
Paragon / New Legendaries / Balancing / Improved Multiplayer / Density.

Things lacking
Map Diversity / Elites Hardness / Itemisation / Customisation / PVSP/ The list goes on.

The biggest issue are both Skills and Items. That is the soul of Diablo (Bread and Butter if you prefer)

So a lot of us now are high paragon lvls and some with para 100 characters. For me i have 100 para barb and 4 other characters floating around para 15-20. So far everything but the craftable items are mostly off the AH. To me thats not the way it should be. The Auction House should be a place where we get our final item because its so rare only a few are available.

Im not going to talk about the AH for now though its not needed to improve D3 at all.

Some of the things i have been brainstorming are ways to introduce excitement and a real goal to players. I dont know the specifics but i will summaries some ideas.

Some may or may not know Path Of Exile. What they have been doing is weekly updates on new loot/skills/visuals etc... what this does is create excitement and a want to find these new items because no one has them or know who it will work with their builds.

For those who have only 1 toon it may open up a new path for your character or open up a need to start a new one.

Why should we use the same gear over and over? why cant we get say weekly updates with new content. It only has to be 1 new item, that item would have a larger chance of dropping for the 1st week then back to normal spawn rate.

Then the next week another new item is out. rinse and repeat. So what this does is create excitement to players that a new item will be available to loot for or get on the AH if your lazy or unlucky/missed out etc...

Then this brings me to my next part. Repetition.

Im a man of repetition. I enjoy doing the farming.... but only so many times until it becomes a chore then a bore. What you guys should be doing is creating new quests for new craft-able gear specific to the builds we have. Yep its a lot of work but if you step them in weekly then its something for us to look forward to.

You need to do something more frequent because letting us run around for 4 months with no improvements is starting to become boring and old school. PTR is imo a waste of time. Release the content then patch it after. Take the risk.

Add new gems. Yep do it. Something that will change mechanics to all toons.

You guys need to take risks and take the emphasis away from the AH because as you can see none of really want to use it but are forced to use it. Then it gets exploited and then you start to only use the AH for self gain and don't play as much.

So to sum it up start creating new content and bring it out quickly or in increments. You need to keep up with more modern trends and start listening to the players more and more. The game as it stands is in a bad shape imo because 1. nothing new is coming. 2. everything you do is hidden.

I want to keep playing this game but it needs to evolve faster and better. In regards to the itemisation. Release some items... just do it. Give us something to toy with. I dont wait to wait another 6 months.

my 2 cents after my relentless playing time on this game.
I really like it and think you guys did a good job, almost every game I join now is going to be a public game, but I have the following suggestions:

1. If Keywarden is dead in a Keywarden tagged game, automatically make the game NOT public or open anymore.
2. Make a new tag called Experience Runs for those interested in doing runs or routes as fast as possible (Monster Slaying is too generic and can be used for just general questing).
3. Make a new tag called Achievement Hunting for those interested in that.
4. Make an option to leave all public chats when a game is joined (so you can see the nifty "engaged elite" alerts in the battle log instead of chat spam scrolling it away). Make it auto-default to party chat when you join instead of the last chat channel you used or added.
I like this idea..except I think it should be something other than a lore book.....How about finding rare ingredients for creating different potions? Potions that could have effects like...Red Eye--after using it gives ur characters eyes a red glow.Color change--after using it turns ur characters skin tone to a random color. Bloody Mary---after using it your character leaves behind a bloody trail wherever they go. Midas touch--after taking it your character has a small chance to randomly freeze a target in solid gold upon taking a melee hit. And whatever eles you can think of....If you wanted to change your character back to normal just create a refresh potion or create a potions on/off option.

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