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Locking gold trade is only part of the issue, the fact that players took advantage of a duplication exploit results VIA the TERMS OF USE. That those players will be banned for using such game breaking exploits.

players aren't all jaded about the GOLD they are jaded that it is now flooded. The economy that existed was at best "okay" now it is dreadful. The plain fact that players were buying items, gems, crafting materials on the ah. Then "gifting" items to their friends and others. "to spread the wealth" as one person that should have been banned said.

In terms of enjoyment at this point of time. If there is no acknowledgement that the overall slight few that use the ah by legitimate players, will diminish to near to nothing.

For example before this patch a "semi-godlike" mempo would generally sell for 2b in ah. While others go to trade forums, trade sites to sell better for 10b+ gold. Taking that into account.

yesterday 2b = about 100m in all reality with how flooded the market already was.

Today 2b = about 1m due to the over whelming amount of "duplicated" gold that flooded the market already.

I am curious what is going to happen to all those players that were posting Radiant Gems for 50m+ that took advantage of others using this exploit. Is this gold going to be removed from their account. And if it is are they going to get the gems back that they sold.

In reality, every single person that has profited in some form from these "few" players that actually used this exploit. Makes the game still unplayable in the fact of trading. Players will now be going to different websites to sell their gear and more than likely gems due they could get a higher return for the fact that the ah crashed. Once they realize no matter the amount they try to sell their godly gear for, it won't equate to its actual value due to gold has no value anymore.

If you don't feel that it crashed. Factor it as this. It was shut down due to a duplication bug. And then another "quality of life change" happened which was you can not trade gold to another account. as such Gold is useless as of this moment in time. When the Ah comes back up, gold will still be useless, Radiant gems last night were around 22m. As expected people are attempting to sell same said gems, in trade for 30m+

So lets take player A. He wants a gem he knows the price they were, he starts asking to find one, no one sells him any. why? they are all locked up in the RMAH or they are all locked up due to that player not willing to now buy the same gem that is being sold for 8m+ more gold.

Players that don't have the rng god on their side, are lucky to keep 100m on them due to crafting and other "quality of life changes"

The last "fix" for the flooded gold was crafting. Is that same fix going to be re-administered? So instead of removing those players permanently who not only exploited a bug in game, but exploited the "decent" player that chose not to take action through such avenues to make billions of gold for free via an exploit.

In short the decent players that didn't take advantage of "those few" gets sent down to the cesspool of vermin, in terms of the community. General trade chat so on, players constantly bashing others for not having the optimal gear optimal skills so on. now are going to be placed lower on the bracket of "society" do to the fact that there 100m gold they finally got to upgrade that 900 dps weapon or amulet that had no attack speed or critical chance on it. means nothing.

I myself have no more use for my gold. The ah died today when the rollback didn't happen. The game died today when those players that exploited this bug even a single time weren't banned.
ty men.
So gems were used to launder the gold. and as such gold is worthless, so Selling unid legendarys for 20 radiant star gems.

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