2 beez fools have returned

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800kdps hand crossbow 2beez. go figure. nobody will buy it....
With all the beez floating around who knows
Just sold a hellrack
those people are just stvpid. :)

Blizzard has already removed most of the dupe gold from circulating if not all. There still someone bought Amethyst at 160m initially... that is funny

I kept screen refresh, the first deal done for :-

Amethyst = 160m
Emerald = above 60m
Ruby = above 70m
Topaz= above 100m

05/10/2013 08:24 PMPosted by GragorR
Just sold a hellrack

at 2bil?? screenshot?
lol wow.... 5 dark mages shades are up for 2 bil... seriously wtf, use your head people.
wow, there are still many 2beez fools...
Hell. I put some decent stuff out there, just to see what would happen.
I'm selling my trash inventory as fast as i can post it, for dumb prices :/

Whatever :D
800kdps hand crossbow?
I'm selling my house to buy it.
05/10/2013 08:47 PMPosted by OrganMan
So far I've sold a skorn worth 25m for 100m. lol

Well let us hope thats cos of bans not cos of inflation :)

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