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I'm coming back to Diablo 3 after having not played in a long time. A few things I've suggested have been included (like AH comparison tooltips) but much has not been. I'd still like to see the following things to clean up the game a bit and smooth out some rough edges. I agree that the scope probably has low priority over things like bug fixes and/or new features, but I think including at least one or two of these with every patch would be pretty nice.

- A way to block quest dialog and cutscenes you HAVEN'T seen before from being skipped by another player. Note that the only way to block other players from being able to skip would be to have never seen that cutscene before on your entire account. This would also block people from skipping a video if another player hasn't seen that video as well, such as the videos between acts and such. If there's only one player that is blocking others, that player can manually skip if they choose to, and it'll skip for everyone. When moving to this system, any account with at least one character that has reached Nightmare difficulty will be considered to have seen all cutscenes already and would be unable to block anyone from skipping.

- A way to auto-skip quest dialog and cutscenes your character has seen before. If you've seen them before but your character hasn't, you can still manually skip (if not blocked by the previous suggestion.)

- In any public game (even if it's just 2 player), be able to report a player as AFK. The moment they enter combat, the AFK flag is removed. If any players in the game are AFK flagged, the game is taken off the list of public games for people to join.

- Two possible suggestions for Monster Power (or both). Option A: Similar to how normal/nightmare/hell/inferno works, you must complete Monster Power 0 before you can turn on Monster Power 1, must complete 1 to turn on 2, etc. Completing a Monster Power level on one difficulty (such as Inferno) unlocks it for lower difficulties as well, but completing it on lower difficulties does not unlock it for higher ones. Option B: Your quest progress is unique for each level of Monster Power. If you want to do a different Monster Power you start at Act 1 Fallen Star. (The intention behind both of these suggestions is to prevent people from joining public games severely undergeared for the chosen MP level.)

- At level 60 is the option for 'any quest' or 'any act any quest.' Limit this to quests the character has actually unlocked. Don't allow quest-skipping this way. In fact, don't allow quest-skipping in any way. Don't allow a character to join a game that's on a quest that the character has not unlocked.

- Other than that, the 'any quest' or 'any act any quest' is actually pretty awesome and should extend to characters other than level 60, except limited by what they would normally be able to queue for at their level, and limited by what quests they have unlocked.

- I know item labels are bugged right now, but I'd also like to see a couple options there. First off, I would like to pretty much never see item labels for gold, grey items, or white items. Other than that, the 'show for 10 seconds and then fade' (once it's working again) works for everything else, and the 'push to show for 10 seconds' (once it's working again) is also fine. So an option to 'hide labels for' and then allow the user to set what they want filtered out (more options the better) would be pretty good. Personally I would hide gold, white items, grey items, and then once I've reached a certain level, maybe blue items.

- For crafting, please remember the 'have materials' or 'can equip' setting between sessions. Every single game I join I have to set this all over again. This seems like the easiest thing to implement, ever. I'm disappointed that we're at 1.0.8 and this feature that I've been asking for since beta is still not in the game.

- For crafting, please allow the ability to have 'can equip' and 'have materials' filters turned on at the same time. I can either do 'can equip' which lists tons of things I don't have enough materials for, or I can do 'have materials' which lists tons of things that are either too high level or the wrong kind of equipment for my current character. Being able to turn on both filters at once (combined with the 'remember the setting' suggestion) would be really, really nice.

- A new filter (possibly in the options menu instead of the crafting menu) to filter by item level. You could even make this default behavior and not an option at all. Basically this filter would adjust the 'can equip' filter to only show items with equal or greater item level for the gear in that same slot that your character is currently wearing (or items that aren't worn, such as materials or the staff of herding). This allows you to filter out items that are lower item level than what you're currently wearing. Combine this with the previous two suggestions and crafting will actually be fun!

- A way to search the auction house for items that will increase your life, damage, and/or protection values (using the comparison tooltip as an example). Be able to search one, two, or all three of these categories, and like any other search filter, be able to sort the column by it. This way you don't have to scroll through and mouse over every single item to check the comparison tooltip.

- Be able to sort the AH results by bid value instead of only by buyout value.

- Recommend buyout prices for gear. Base this on what gear with similar stats has successfully been sold for in the past. I can write up an algorithm for you if you want, or better yet, check out the 'Auctioneer' addon for WoW. The amount of time it takes to research a price on gear is prohibitive, and bid-only items are hard to search for (especially cause you can't sort by bid, see previous suggestion.)

- Strictly enforce minimum price listing on the AH. When you list gear it auto-recommends the vendor price as a minimum, except that it doesn't seem to consider the 15% cost. If your item actually sells for that amount, the amount of gold you get back is 15% less than if you had actually vendored it. While I don't mind my gear selling for zero profit, I do mind selling it at a loss. That's just throwing 15% of my gold away. Don't allow an auction to be posted in the first place if the amount of money from selling it (including the 15% fee) would be less than vendoring it.

- When you run over gold it automatically picks it up. Allow us to automatically pick up stackable stuff (like potions, gems, anything with the 'light blue' item label text). Perhaps a sub option (or a requirement) that it will not pick it up if it would require a new inventory slot. But if I have a partial stack of something in my inventory, there is zero reason why I wouldn't pick up another one, since it stacks and doesn't use up any inventory space at all. It's the exact same reason you automatically pick up gold, there's zero reason not to. So it makes since for us to be able to pick up stackable stuff simply from running over it. I personally don't mind it using up inventory space to pick up stuff either (like a different level of gem or potion than what I'm currently carrying) but I can understand if that's not a good idea to others, but if I'm already carrying one, definitely automatically pick up more. (Whether this applies to the lore audio clips or not is up to you, but it'd be nice to auto pick up that too, in my opinion, since you can replay them any time and they don't take up inventory space.)
+1 for the unique quest progress for each MP idea and have materials/can equip crafting idea.

Recommended buyout like commodities is already in the game, could be done with items too.
I would particularly like to see the AH and crafting suggestions sometime soon.

I'd particularly like to see (in either 1.0.9. or 1.1. - the sooner, the better, obviously) those features:

- option to auto-skip all cutscenes and/or quest dialogs (in team games, defaulting to the group leader's settings);

- option to auto-pick up stackable items, such as potions, gems, and pages already in inventory (with a partial stack), utilizing the "gold and healing globes pick up radius";

- remember crafting settings between sessions and allow multiple filters at the same time (have materials, can equip);

- suggested elsewhere and commented by Blues: make the artisan lists folded by default (maybe with an option to change the default setting?). It might be unnecessary when you start the game, but once your artisans are fully leveled-up, and you learned more than 20 recipes, it's getting hard to find anything;

- seen in console version: special, short-term/instant power-ups in addition to the regular health globes (gain/regain X% resource value, 3 seconds boost to attack speed, block/dodge chance, or critical hit chance).

Should any or all of those changes be introduced, they would be much welcomed.
I think better filters, such as an item level filter of some kind, would be better than 'folded by default.' Combine that with both 'have materials' and 'can equip' and I'd be happy. An intuitive item level filter that compares to the gear I'm currently wearing would be even better.

But lately, the fact that bid-only auctions are messed up has been really annoying me.

I like to post bid-only auctions so that people can pay how much they think it's worth and I don't really care how much it sells for since anything over vendor value is profit. It's part of my generous nature. I do the same thing on WoW, I post auctions at vendor value + deposit cost for bid price, and undercut by 1 copper for buyout price. On Diablo, since undercutting is too hard to figure out, I don't post a buyout price at all. (Although it would be nice to have some kind of undercutting price recommendation, I'm not holding my breath.)

However, I've noticed a couple things.

- When you set a 'maximum buyout price' no bid-only auctions show up at all, only auctions with buyouts are listed, even if the bid price is significantly below what your 'maximum price' is set to.

- There is no way to sort by the bid column, which means when you sort by buyout you have 'N/A' for buyout and a completely unsorted list of bid prices, some high some low, and you have to scroll back and forth through the list to find the lowest ones. Even worse if you like to bid on things that do have a buyout value, then you have to flip back and forth through the WHOLE unsorted list.

- And this doesn't relate to bid prices directly, but I notice when I set the filter to 'rare', that ONLY rares show up. I would hope setting it to 'magic' would make magic, rare, and legendary show, and that setting it to rare would make rare and legendary both show. I've been missing a few good deals on legendary items until I realized this, and I bet it's one of the reasons the legendaries I sell without a buyout price don't sell for a lot (combined with the two previous reasons).

- And finally, the 'default bid price' is vendor cost, not vendor cost + 15% AH cost. Yet again, it would be so easy to code the default bid price to include that 15% cost, but I still often see the gold I get being less than I would have gotten had I just vendored it. Having to manually up the cost by 15% every time I post something for auction is just stupid, honestly, that's the point of having a default bid price in the first place, click, click, posted, simple and easy. I've been saying this since beta and it's STILL not included, doesn't give me much room to praise the development team. =/

That and the crafting suggestions are really, really high on my wishlist.

Two things that I have been suggesting since beta were added recently, maybe in 1.0.8 in fact (could've been 7, I dunno I wasn't playing at the time.) These were the 'comparison' tooltip in the AH, and the ability to queue up crafting the same item over and over (although I wish there was a easy to use 'craft all' button).

Also, the ability to do public games with monster power was added, which I can't remember if I suggested that or not but I definitely wanted it.

So there's been improvements, but seriously, some of these suggestions would be so easy to implement and are just plain common sense, I can't imagine why they aren't in the game yet. There really is no reason they shouldn't be. Some suggestions might fall under "too many options" but the AH and crafting suggestions should have no reason not to be implemented.

I mean, is there any particular reason why you CAN'T sort by bid prices? Sheesh.

Please, Blizzard, fix this already!
I want to add another suggestion. I'd like to see pickup radius and movement speed be increased by paragon level, just like magic find and gold find.
Couple more suggestions.

- Be able to block people from joining your party, but allow them to join your game, even if you're in a public game.

- Those times when your character talks (like mighty blows or when you're almost near death or recover from almost near death), broadcast that so other nearby players see/hear it too.
-I'd like to see Inferno made a bit more difficult, in such a way as to increase the potency and usefulness of increasing your life, armor and resistances. As it stands, it's really more beneficial in most cases to increase your DPS at the behest of your defenses. Perhaps enemy damage could be increased, or enemies could regain some health every time you die, or both.

-A method to access the Auction House without leaving the game would be nice.

-General fixes to prevent luring mobs into towns, onto Waypoints or getting killed immediately after teleporting. Some sort of temporary invincibility combined with blocking off exits and maybe even setting up invisible walls around waypoints that can only be bypassed by players and non-hostile NPCs.

I have a few unlikely, unrealistic expectations/request as well:

-Overhaul to the death system. I'd like to see a hybrid between D2s and D3s ways of handling death. You die, the items equipped on your person lose 10% durability and you lose 25% of your experience towards your next level. Your corpse, containing your items, is left where you died and you would be revived in town, with a town portal that would take you to your last checkpoint. Recovering your corpse would also recover your lost experience. Dieing a second time causes your first corpse to explode, leaving all your items on the ground, behaving like any other form of loot you drop on the ground. Leaving the game would bring your corpse into town, but would not allow you to regain your lost experience. Tweaks would need to be made to both minimize players getting stuck in death loops, of course, and perhaps some new perks would have to be offered to players to compensate for an increase in difficulty (increased rate of defense boosting items? bonuses for survival?). This could serve as an item sink, and as a way to diversify builds a bit.

-Addition of dueling and hostility. You can right click on a player's portrait, and invite them to a duel. Once sent, the invite appears in the chat window and you can not send another invite to that same player. Invites to duel cannot be canceled, but do expire after 10-15 minutes (to prevent players from inviting/canceling/inviting to spam another player, and to ensure players are fully committed to duel). Players can also toggle hostility, which allows them to attack any other player who makes themselves hostile, and forces them to automatically accept duels.

-Bosses with modifiers at higher MPs. These wouldn't be random affixes like on Elite/Champion groups, but would be static additions that would relate to the boss somewhat. For example, Diablo could have Molten, Fast, Extra Health and Knockback, depending on what MP you are on, with MP 10 offering up all 4 affixes.) I find that some bosses tend to be less interesting to fight than Elite groups roaming around, and I feel like adding modifiers might make them a bit more of a challenge.

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