Dashing Strike BUG?!

Okay, actually there is no bug since dashing strike has been working like this since I started playing, but I happen to read the skill description again and it doesn't seem work as described.


Clearly it says target location, that location is NOT 3 steps in front of you, it should be your intended/TARGET location. I'm not sure if this is brought up before but it should be changed now!
I don't think it's a bug I think it's blizzard be a little ignorant again :(. Glad you brought this up, that would be really fun if you could actually use it like other classes use teleport etc. since we only seem to move around the field cause of fleet footed and nat/lacunis. I hope they don't change the definition but rather the skill.

It may off set the balance a little because I use mine to dodge attacks and if I can go where ever I want with quick silver running, you can dodge ice if you time it right and probably a lot of other things, I would love it for pvp since other classes do get an advantage since we don't have anything to move us to any location in the screen..
It only dashes to actual objects-- monsters or breakable terrain. Chests sometimes too, I think.

I felt the same way when I first started using it.

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