mp8 monk set give away for new players only

this set is for new players only (player who can only solo mp3 or lower), it it mp8 viable, most of the the gears are self-farmed, you can upgrade some gems yourself, but it is mp8+ viable at current state. If you think this set can help you, pls post down below.
I just came back to the game a few days ago after not playing since release. Trying to get into the game again, but it's tough with the way the economy is. This would be awesome, but if you find someone else who needs it more that's fine.
just recently started back again since launch like Zoobi. when will the give away take place?
i need to see ur profile, the give away will take place as soon as i met a player who really need help
well i suck really bad i have a hard time farming inferno atm lol... still in act 2...
Hi, I would really love some free gear that would totally boost my awesomeness. I would really appreciate it if you could give me this gear.
Not a brand new player, per-se, as you can see by my plevel, but I'm currently only capable of soling mp1 comfortably. With the 1.08 economy I've found that I can't upgrade anything with the meager amount of gold I have, and the only source of income I've been getting is from vendoring rares. I would appreciate any help you can give me, even if it's only advice on what upgrades I should be looking for and the price range I should be targeting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
i'm new and my gear sucks. Game is practically non-enjoyably...
I fixed it where my profile is able to be viewed... my apologies earlier

I am Slikdotz from above
I started the first day the game came out. Came back on occasion but finding that being only paragon lvl 11 and not being able to solo anything after mp1 says I need to rethink my monk or change class. Possibly with different gear that could change. Thanks for taking a look and hope you choose me.
good stuff +karma for youl
I could use some help. About to hit 60, probably today or tomorrow. Anything would be appreciated, even advice on how to build my monk once i hit 60 would be nice :-)
i've hit a brick wall, and with the economy do not see myself progressing any more.

i can comfortably clear mp1, anything above and its too slow.
05/18/2013 10:01 AMPosted by HawaiiGuy
i'm new and my gear sucks. Game is practically non-enjoyably...

I will be more enjoyable if you put gems in your items ;)
I entered another giveaway but if I lost I could try, but maybe zoobi over there might need it more than me.
i keep hitting the butchers berserk on mp3, so im pretty sure its a gear thing, and i could use this
I'm brand new, been playing a week or so, Yes, I have a level 60(4) but I have an instagram for further proof that it is me and I only have just begun. I would really appreciate it. My instagram is synixgamer.
Wait so when is the deadline?
If I might be eligible for your giveaway, I would greatly appreciate it alot. The Monk was my first ever character that I created from the game's launch and still love it the most, but due to underwhelming gear I can never truly enjoy mp2 or above normally.
05/17/2013 06:53 PMPosted by ultralisk
the give away will take place as soon as i met a player who really need help

stated here... there is no set deadline

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