Blizzard, now's your chance. Turn off both AH

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An economy exploited to death.
A community in tatters.
A game where only those who cheat get ahead.
A sense of futility when all one needs to do is pull out their wallet to win.

And now the gold dupe.

Even the former game director has admitted that the Auction House system has hurt the game.

The community, by and large, has decried the system because it destroys the purposes of a loot-hunting game.

Patch 1.08 was some of the best fun I've had in D3 since launch with the changes.

But one thing is for sure. It is a proven fact that in spite of your best efforts, you simply have no control over the runaway train that is the Auction House System.

So I implore you Blizzard. No more band-aids. No more "we don't know how many people will be angry." Just end it. End the Auction House madness. It is the single biggest problem with this game and has been since launch.

Some of your developers have come out and said that they weren't sure how they could stop the Auction House system now that it is in place.

Now is your chance. The gold dupe debacle has given you the perfect excuse.

The Auction House has done nothing to stop 3rd party sites, which was supposed to be its intention. There is no argument left to stand on. Let players trade with one another like back in D2. Take away the Auction House and give us back User Created Lobbies! Then we can shop that way.

Shut them down, and make the drops as good as they will be as in the PS3 version, which is already known not to have the AH system. Players are going to be able to trade there without an AH, why can't we do the same?

I do still love this game, and have hope for it.

But as long as the Auction House system remains, this game can continue to be ruined at an exploiter's whim.

Please turn off the Gold Auction House, and the Real Money Auction House. Forever

That is all.
Better still, provide an OFFLINE version of the game and this issue wont happen.
Hey blizzard, you should get rid of that thing that makes you money and stuff!

Great advice OP.
If Blizzard continually kicks own goals with the AH, it may get to a point where they have to shut it down.
05/08/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Mirisanelle
Better still, provide an OFFLINE version of the game and this issue wont happen.

This so i can actually play without constant rubberbanding/latency issues/lagspikes/server outages
That would be very nice. Especially with the storm we had the other day. It knocked my internet for 6.

But the amount of people whinging about the AH is just winding me up big time. Leave it alone
Disagree, for me AH is part of the fun of the game, the economy, not just loot hunting,.
U could make gold at ah by selling loots. Or maybe post it at forums, chatting channel to advertise ur loots if u prefer that way.

I do to feel loot price expensive, then farm more&more hopefully to get godly drop and with godly prices. thats when u will feel rewarded, then u can get a decent upgrade on ur char. Try to be both seller and buyer.

Dont invest on gold, but lootzzzzzz.
unless blizz go for an offline version of the game (which they won't) who would be willing to play the game if it became fee for service?

Cause lets face it - blizz's cut from the AH is what is funding the servers that we use to play on

What isn't working is that the AH should be making a market for in game commodities that the player doesn't want/need..... but markets need to have integrity, and item duping has existed for a while (check out the ASIAN hardcore AH - it was rife on Tuesday night) and the gold dupe has made it worse.

If what Nurrull said about every item having a unique ID is true - why can't they code in the AH so it is impossible to have more than 1 item with the same unique ID even list?

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