200 baby

finally hit 200k dps, without cheating, I've been there before but with a POS EF with no LS, low AR and low ehp

but now I hit it with over 600 AR, 5.7 LS and 50k hp.

bring on 300. lol
Congratz! Great EHP too!
Congrats! You can say finally, I laugh when under paragon 20 say that :)
Grats...been spending time thinking if I can get there for 500m myself.
We'll see if I will be following in your footsteps.

thanks guys

@ KamelJabber, I'm sure you could, with 500m, get a new Rare ring, and if you want to hit it the easy was use the Nats combo, but im sure you will lose alot of ehp.

@ bapdawg, Iol agreed
Yay, le gratz
Congrats! What's your ehp?

almost 600K.
Congrats !

I've just got there yesterday too, which gear change made it possible ? For me, it was my new crafted chest.
@mTeasdale congrats man!

for me it was my rare ring I had a trifecta with average dam. but dropped the IAS and added 167 dex and it was a 8.5k dps upgrade.
Grats man, i've been hoovering around 180s for couple of weeks now .. just cant seem to break that last barrier .. everything so expensive now :(

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