Whose Monk has a birthday today?

Or in other words - exactly one year ago, who was impatient for the game to come out so they can start a Monk right away and today is still around, sticking to his guns (or fist weapons, for accuracy's sake)?

I'll go first with the venerable lady Xenia, who came to this world in the early hours of May 15, 2012, after what seemed like an eternity of agony (i.e. Error 37).

So who else is turning 1 today? (%

i retired mine in OCT to roll a DH.
been back as a monk for a month now... loving it.
I do, if not pretty darn close enough.
I really can't say remember whether I got past the Error 37 on the first day or not. I can't say for certain what his birthday was. I guess I'm a terrible father. I know I was trying to log in constantly on that day, so I think it's reasonable to say he was conceived on that date, at least.
Launch day monk here as well. Looked thru my old screenshots, and this was the first one I ever took (my first legendary in Halls of Agony) : http://imgur.com/1ouM2I8 Kind of hard to see!
mehh not today but in a few days will be KOnan's 1st bday

it was sold out everywhere I went = (
but at least I get to play right away and didn't encounter error 37
Launch day Monk and Wizard here! I started my Wizard first, playing with best friend whom stood in line with me immediately after he got off work. He rolled a WD. His connection went schizo and then couldn't get back on until like 6 in the morning, so I rolled up a Monk and started playing with him solo.
Sweetie is celebrating her birthday as well. I knew the monk class was the one I'd always want to play so she was my first creation. It's been an adventure--she's enjoyed the good times, and weathered the not so good times, right from day one, and we're looking forward to another year of kickin' demon a$$. Happy birthday, fellow monks! /raiseglass
I made all 5 of my characters on day 1 and then didnt play most of them for awhile. Stuck with Wizzy until Act 4 Inferno made me change my decision and switched over to monk. Still havent really touched the other chars much.
Played since release here! happy b'day monk!
Launch day demon hunter here...
Launch day monk checking in!
day one monk!
My monk started on the 2nd day of the launching due to the fact that the download failed on day0
Played right after the server gates opened (or at least some hours after that :P). I even have a picture of young Leo right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke42fsy98uxts46/diablo%20day%201.jpg

The game was released on a tuesday at 4AM(my time) if I recall correctly. I remember that I woke up at 3AM that day, turned on skype and waited nervously while chatting with my friends. Needless to say, me and my two buddies skipped work that day! :P

Might seem like a stupid story, but we had a good time that day. :)

Rock on Diablo! For another year! :)
I wasn't quite here on the first day since it took a couple of days for them to ship my copy out but it's close enough that I'll count my monk's creation as today.
Day 2 monk here - download error as well. Gee its been a fun ride!
sloppy thirds monk here! wd and dh came 1st and 2nd :p
Yep day one monk here...happy birthday Quicksand. I've tried a number of other classes but i still keep coming back to old faithful.

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