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Hi There,

I've experienced a bug with the achievement called "A Unique Collection". Yesterday I killed Merrium and Otzi, and today I killed Haures. Every time I kill a unique, I immediately check the achievement screen to make sure that I got the check mark. In all three cases, I did.

Then today, I look at them, and the check marks for both Merrium and Otzi are gone! I scrolled down and, and those were the only ones missing. Then about five minutes later, I looked again and the check for Haures was gone too!

This is a real bummer because those uniques are super hard to find, and can take many hours each. Can you please fix this bug and give me the check marks back for those three?


Yesterday I killed Razormouth and got the check mark, but today it's gone as well. It appears that I'm now losing every new check mark I get. This time I took screen shots:

With the check mark: http://tinypic.com/r/bjecd5/5

And after I lost it: http://tinypic.com/r/303a9gi/5

It also looks like several others are experiencing this bug: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8769237815

When I logged on today, I had all of the checkmarks again which had been taken away, so it looks like this was fixed; thanks!
In the last 24 hours I have killed Direclaw and Captain Cage but I don't have a checkmark for either.

They haven't been checked under "Special Snowflakes" either.

Please could somebody look into this bug? Thank you.
...and now they are both checked. Thank you to whoever fixed this.
Disappointing to see that it is still happening.

I've killed Red Rock, Vicious Gray Turkey and Raithlin the Widowmaker over the last couple of days and after being checked initially they are now unchecked. I've put many hours in to getting these and I've still got 16 more uniques to go, is there any point in trying to get the remaining?
Yesterday killing 6 Unique mobs, today all unchecked.
In Unique Collection - Drury Brown unchecked, in Haunted - Drury Brown checked.
I have a friend who is having the same issue...
We been trying to get the Unique Collection Achievement for awhile and usually when one of us find the Unique mob, we call the other one to get the check also...
Anyway, he found 2 uniques yesterday and called me to get the mark, today his achievements are unmarked for both enemies we found and mine is marked...

Something is wrong here, the mobs were:
Mage Lord Ghuyan
Veshan the Fierce

Btw, we are in 2014 and this is still occuring!!
I just seen my mage lord ghuyan is unticked and I killed him last week. 1/27/14. It took forever to find him and now its unticked on me what the hell
This bug still exists, it seems.
2 hours ago I killed Grimnight the Soulless in act 1, check was there. Logging back in now I find the check gone. I hunted several days for that unique and now that I found him I lose him just like that?

Please anyone tell me that those lost checks come back after a time... -_-
Just wanted to say I also have experienced this with two uniques I killed. One check mark came back a few days later, the other disappeared yesterday and hasn't come back yet - am still hoping it will. Killed two more tonight and have checks for both as of when I logged off - given the track record i'm guessing they'll also be unchecked when i login tomorrow. Just hoping everything rechecks after a few days, as it did with my first one.
March 3 2014.

I killed Merrium the Skullthorn(act I - cathedral lvl2) but this was not marked on the achiev list (A unique collection), i hope it be fix as said in forum (later), i will keep update about this problem.
Still happening. In my case it was Blarg the Foul, Severclaw and Grimnight the Soulless. I thought at first maybe I made a mistake and didn't kill them but thought I did. So I went hunting again, and found Severclaw and Grimnight. Killed them, checked the boxes, and now I see they're unchecked again.
Whoever fixed for the people above me I would like my achievements fixed also. Killed Gormungandr and Blarg the Foul, they thicked in both cases then after quitting the game and re-entering the boxes were unchecked.


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