Post other high end monk profiles here

Just wanted to see how many monks here have similar gear to mine
What is a high end monk ? What are the caracteristics ?

Well im 240k dps unbuffed with WKL
I don't know if my Monk is considered "High End"

But I do have 289K totally unbuffed DPS and by the time I hit paragon 100 should be over 300K!
Lots of monks here with very good builds and gears.

I have a WKL with 3% life steal I use from time to time and still over 250k with that but definately prefer my dagger :D
Check out Lulu, he's a high end monk. We aren't there but its great to look up to him
He goes by the name edZmond i believe
The rare weap and belt are for PvP / ranking. I have a ton of different top end items for different things..
over 420k with self buffs,

Oh. 477k unbuffed PvP 450-460k unbuffed pvm with life steal and decent resists
best balanced skorn monk here normally running combo strike blazing fist and quicken with bell spams for up 5 mil crit a bell. Skorn is amazing for high density mp 10 mob farming. 740 resist with 280k unbuffed dmg and 50k health no helm gem
heeeeey this looks like a good place to get gear advice :D

Anyone want to help me get to 50k hp and 200k dps?

Those are my immediate goals towards getting into MP10. Thanks!

edit: my current ar with owe is 610.
260k unbuffed with wkl, still need to craft an ammy though.
sweet jeezus you guys have nice monks --- in another dimension of jelly :-)
208k unbuff WKL user here. I run LoH on my WKL btw not CD. ^_^ My DH is geared atm =(

Edit: profile still showing my Monk Geared. I have my Skorn on though and SoJ. :3
The only god monk in my eyes and I based my gearing philosophy after him

There're also Escoriaz#6570 and Devoware#1326. Too bad one quited and the other one is still m.i.a.
A lot of well geared monks! Lulu has an amazing setup with WKL, I'm jealous :-)

Agree with Kaazzeerr, Fanta is my favorite monk
If you're interested in monk profiles, go to DiabloProgress, sort them however you want (DPS, PvP, CC, life, resists, etc....).
nightcourt... your nats set is kind of garbage....
Wow, our gear is very is so shocking

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