Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

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Hey man I just came across this post and I'm kinda lost as to what items you got. Will you be posting an updated list of items or could I add you and just PM you in game? Cheers!
Items to giveaway:

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail : 398armor, 99str, 97dex, 190int, 90vit, 58ar, 399Loh, 12% Life
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail : 447armor, 97str, 93dex, 97int, 252vit, 23ar, 360Loh, 11% Life

Tal Rasha Guise of wisdom : 718armor, 90int, 60lightning res, 10% life, 6CC, OS

The Oculus : 114-377avg dmg,185int, 11%Life, 10CC, 9Apoc, 3% against elites, teleport cooldown 3sec, reduce 4ap on meteor
Wow, this got busy all of a sudden!

@Jester: Nice items! I'll look forward to adding them to the list.

@Masenken: <('A'<) <(#_#<)

@Garthrog, tvN, JJE, and RidoKilos: You got em.

@femalebodyparts: you can have the firewalkers, but HKDBG was holding all of his Vile Wards because I was out of room and I don't think he's logged in in over a month. You might want to pick out a different one instead.

@IsaaChen: Cool! Add me and I'll pick them up from you next time I catch you on. Or if you'd rather hold them, I can just add them to the list and send interested people to you to collect. Either way, TY, TY, TY for listing the stats - that is always the biggest chore of managing this thread so I'm really happy when donors take the time to do it for me.

@Kravich: The list in the OP is more or less up to date now. There might be a few hiccups, but not too likely. Just pick what you'd like from the list, keeping in mind that items with bolded player names in front of them have already been spoken for.

Can I have the pre-built CM/WW set please? I have 2 60 chars, but neither are geared for anything past hell. I just tried out a friend's SNS wizard and liked it a lot, so I'd like to roll a CM wiz character for myself.

I'll add you in-game. I'm occasionally online, I'll just try to catch you while you're online.
@Soap: You got it. :) I've got a bandage on one of my "keyboard fingers" that is keeping me from actually playing so I'll just be logging in briefly a few times a day for the next few days to deliver items. Hopefully I'll catch you on soon.
@ATGOWTWT : hihi sorry for the late reply, well u can add them to the list and forward those ppl who are interested to me, helps u a little by not flooding your stash lolz
@IsaaChen: Nice!, I'll update the list in half an hour or so.
Hey, can I please have the asterisk'd Dead Man's Legacy?

I have a spare Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, 403 armor, 143int, 75vit, 47 cold resist, level req -9, 3OS. I don't know whether that's good enough, so I'll let you decide.

Edit: don't need the quiver anymore, thanks! If the chest is good enough, I'll pass it to you in-game.
Hey ATG, the stats for the weapons I mentioned earlier:

Chant's WIll 974 DPS 175 Int 0.24 IAS 10 APOC 1 OS
Manticore 946 DPS 178 Dex 10% IAS 81% CHD 2 OS
Nice! Added them to the list. Also, tvN got some gear from a friend and no longer needs the WH or Force he had reserved so those items are back up for grabs.
Hey ATG I am on right now if I can get that Mempo from you
Hey ATGOWTWT, do you reckon that this chest is good for anyone? I posted earlier but I guess you missed it.

Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, 403 armor, 143int, 75vit, 47 cold resist, level req -9, 3OS
Sorry, Ridpath, didn't mean to ignore you. Tough call on the chest. The only thing that sets it apart is the -level requirement, making it a niche item. I could try holding it but I don't think many people would check the thread for leveling gear. You might also be able to sell it for a few million on the auction house - anything with a level reduction of 9+ tends to sell pretty easily.

@RidoKilos: Saw you on, but you were away and then I had to go. I'll catch you later.
Hey I was wondering if the CMWW set had been claimed or not yet? My wizard is kind of lackluster in terms of gear so i was wondering if I could have a grab at it.
If this is still available, I'd like it from Isaachen:

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail : 447armor, 97str, 93dex, 97int, 252vit, 23ar, 360Loh, 11% Life
@Maguskuros: Soap has a claim on it - I'm just waiting till I catch him online to deliver it before scratching it off the list.

@Onita: I'll mark it for you and you can add him and let him know it is reserved for you. Please let me know once you get it so I can take it off the list.
Hi! You guys are awesome!
So, I was struggling with my wiz and went to check the forums for budget items to get but then I saw this thread. May I please request these items if they are still available?
Belt: *Witching Hour: 266armor, 71str, 69dex, 96int, 43AR, 8IAS, 42CHD [Luna]
Source: *Chantodo's: 249.5avgDmg, 113str, 192int, 9IAS, 13maxAP, 9CC, 3BlizzardD

and maybe, if you can spare a few more then these would be great:
*Natalya's: 575armor, 93dex, 95int, 71AR, 12MS, -6meleeDmg [Luna]
Natalya's: 108str, 85dex, 31int, 48AR, 9IAS, 168regen
*Blackthorne's: 709armor, 92str, 93dex, 90int, 99vit, 401LoH, 11%life, 19MF, 2OS [Luna]

Thank you very much for doing this.

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