+% Holly dmg from SOJ and Inna's belt to WOL

Hye Guys.

I'm a bit confuse on the mechanics of the +elemental damage from SOJ + Inna's belt to WOL.
Let say my SOJ have +6% holly dmg and my Inna's belt +8% holly dmg.
Does the +X% holly damage effected to the WOL?

Appreciate if someone can clarify this. Thanks.
get cold damage on soj.
basically that's the way its SUPPOSE to work, but it's broken and there is no fix in the near future, the way it works now is... example your SOJ and Innas, lets say Cold SOJ and Holy Innas..

Black Weapon (non elemental) + 6% Holy damage + 6% cold damage (only cold elemental has a effect, the others appear to either not work or just broken at the moment)..

so your weapon does 100 non elemental dmg, it will add 6 holy damage, and then finally 6 cold damage, then your cold snare skill will hit by random...

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