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Quit your entitled attitude. Everybody thinks that since they bought the game they deserve Blizzard's respect.

Did you not read the 10,000 word, 25 page ToS? No matter what, Blizzard is covered. Don't like it, don't buy the game!
...Unless Blizzard steps up and owns its mistakes and fallacies that occurred in the last 10 days, I encourage everybody to go federal bureau of customer protection's website and file a complaint. It can be found here:

You have the right to try, but I dont think you are getting any favorable resolution on this issue. Blizzards offers no warranty, not even of a bug free AH:
(almost identical to TOU from other gambling sites)

RMAH is just like other digital gambling sites, and as such, I do not think it is 100% safe to put money in. It might be a valuable service, providing a safer and faster way to adquiere loot, but Blizzard still will try to make money out of it, with the lowest risk they can. I am guessing that if TOU were not ok with your country laws, RMAH would already have been disabled, like the case of South Korea.
John, has anyone thought of offering the pc customers a change? How about a deal with Sony & us to switch over from pc to ps3/4? I would do it right now, call me & I'll be the 1st customer to donate my pc version & any money left over to the children's miracle network hospital or whatever works & start playing diablo3 on the console without the pc auction house blues.

call me...
Thank you
I think that when you take the game down for maintence you should freeze the time on things being bid on in the auction house so people can make fair bids and people can get get fair bids on items before time runs out I have had a couple of items that should of got better bids but due to maintence the have expired and been purchased at a lower price. I know your gonna say set the price higher for minimum bid. shouldn't have to do that. if we can't play or log on then the auction house shouldn't be running the timers. timers should only run during playable time.

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