Switching from Temp Rush to Cyclone build!

Is there any good guides that show a in-depth build into Cyclones. The MP 1 temp rush is starting to get boring.
I'm pretty cookie cutter in my setup-- I've tried TR and Nirvana and I like my SW/FoT/Overawe playstyle that a lot of people find boring lately. I love being able to stand in the middle of a pack of frozen/arcane/wallers without worrying too much about dying.


Serenity:Ascension -- Keeps you up. It also allows you to stay in one place and burst things down instead of running.

Breath of Heaven:Blazing Wrath -- Dps. The heal is sometimes useful but it's mostly used for the buff.

Sweeping Wind:Cyclone -- So much aoe damage.

Mantra of Conviction:Overawe -- Amplifies it all.

Fists of Thunder;Thunderclap -- Mobility, dps, crits a lot and makes more cyclones.

Dashing Strike:Quicksilver-- Mobility and survivability. This skill is so good and fun to use. I've tried replacing it with other things and I always miss the dash. It makes runs go faster(skip past trash if you want to) and also is used to get you out of plague or other nasty ground effects. If you time it right as a frozen orb is about to explode, it won't freeze you even if you're in range-- you'll just take the damage from it.


OWE -- I'm still dependent on this. Necessary.
STI -- Same.
Combination strike -- DPS. When I'm grouped, I'll replace breath of heaven with deadly reach:keen eye for extra extra dps.

The last passive slot is up to you.

If you go with the cyclone/fot build-- get yourself a WKL. It makes this build much more effective.
Thanks alot
05/16/2013 09:52 AMPosted by Jhenn
Thanks alot

If Piffle read this, he'd probably link this:

Are there any gearing/build videos I could watch?
Fitz covered alot... I mean a lot... of these things in one of his guides. Here is a link.


I wish the devs would let us sticky more threads.

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