The best experience you've found so far?

Currently I've been doing A1, Festering woods both crypts --> Fields of misery --> Weeping Hollow --> Halls of agony. I usually do these on mp6-7 as I can do mp8-10 but they do take a while. Ive also been doing A2 desolate sands dungeons and oasis. Usually if its not in a pack I skip it and I try to be effecient so if I missed a spot halfway across the map I usually just make a new game. Is this the most effecient way? Thats what im shooting for is effeciency as thats how I heard alkazeer (<spelling) got to 100 the fastest.
I always skip festering woods, and just do all the crypts, i found it more efficient, but hey that's just me. Otherwise our routes are the same, just that i start from the cemetery.

for act 2 it's VoTA, western/eastern channel, forgotten ruins, storm halls.
Are you talking about experience as in EXP or experience as in FUN?

Personally, I don't care for EXP -- it'll come when it comes. With that said, I am absolutely blown away at how quickly EXP comes in group play, especially in this D3 birthday week.

As for fun, I've been staying in A1 since patch day and have not even touched the other acts. The increased monster density in A1 makes for a lot of fun times. In MP10, I've been running something like:

(1) WP to Cemetary (I may or may not do the crypts) and head south to clear Weeping Hollow
(2) WP to Fields of Misery and clear
(3) WP to clear Festering Woods (I do both crypts)
(4) WP to Halls of Agony if I feel inspired

Depending on the group, of course. One of these days, I'll drop down a couple of MP levels and TR/Bell my way through and see what I am able to do. But not for a while, as group play and MP10 public games are too much fun to pass up when I am on.
I agree with Nameless and follow the same paths, although not always in that order. The XP comes with or without group play. Rarely do I make uber runs, heck, most of the folks I group with no longer care to even think about ubers. Anyone feel the same with regards to uber runs?

Are uber runs dead? I have all but given up on crafting rings, best I ever made is on a few of my followers. The XP in uber runs is null to none, rings suck, why else would you make an uber run?
05/16/2013 07:58 AMPosted by XxMOOSExX
Anyone feel the same with regards to uber runs?

Yup yup. I haven't had any desire to do any uber runs since they introduced BoA crafting in the other slots. I mean, the only reason I'd do it would be for the challenge and stuff.

Now, if they did more more things to uber runs to give me more incentive to do this, I'd consider it. But the way that it is, it's low on my list of priorities, especially since EXP isn't high on my list of priorities.
The run I do is usually long compared to most other runs I did.
Go to cemetery till I get 5 stacks > Weeping Hallow > Fields of Misery > Lost Mine/Scavenger Den > Look for the Tower in South Highlands > Festering Woods.

If the Tower spawns, this run typically gives me 1/2 a level in the paragon 50's
I run this on MP3
I guess I'm an 'oddball'...I don't like Weeping Hollow. It just doesn't feel right to me.

My run is usually Cemetery and clear all crypts (except Developer when it spawns), then WP to Fields and clear (jump for joy when the Decaying Crypt spawns -- that place is NUTS good), then WP to Halls of Agony 2. All on MP10.

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