Wave of Light / Pillar of the Ancients

When I first started using WoL, I admit that I never really understood the utility of this particular rune. Yes, it gives you slightly more damage than the normal (unruned) but it was just a weird skill and graphically unappealing. I loved the idea of a huge bell being dropped from the heavens and crushing the enemies.

Since I started doing MP10 group runs (in public or private games), I am beginning to see the utility. I am still unsure of whether it causes any knockback (I don't think it does), but I am beginning to find that 2s between initial strike and reverb to be incredibly useful as a healing tool.

Often times, dropping one bell can have the effect of "overhealing" my monk (since I have been doing most of my runs with my 2H skorn) and then I have to wait a little while before healing again (so that i can generate spirit, etc). But with this particular rune, the 2s window allows for a more smoother heal, so that I can actually stay in crap for a lot longer (also in part because I have pretty strong mitigation and EHP). Arcane lasers and other ground affects don't phase me as much because I almost have a 3s to 4s serenity effect with this skill/rune in that I get an initial heal on the first strike, and then a 2nd heal 2s later.

Cyclone strike makes it that much sweeter, since I am also able to pull enemies in-between strikes, not to mention the opportunity to regain spirit during that time for another spam.

Anyway, just wanted to make this post to share this little tidbit of my experience with this skill. :)
as a cm wiz and monk
i can confirm that any cm wizards will stop complainin bout bells if u switch to pillar as it doesnt have a kb, or its too small to notice
I like watching the after explosion :)

Cyclone can also suck them in for the second explosion

Sometimes when you are kiting and drop a bell, I like it when it blows up in their face when you are not there, it's like, naaaa naaaa

Obviously the knock back makes groups happy

Although, to me, it feels the effect aren't felt as much as a regular bell. You REALLY see all those yellow numbers light up with a regular bell, not so much with PoA; makes me feel sad.
A build I used for CotA runs had that rune in it. I agree with the heals from using it feeling smoother than the other runes. Dead monks do no DPS so keeping the health flowing in is always good. I found it to be pretty useful in any runs that drew a crowd that would be hanging out for a few seconds at least.
I too use this in group play because the knockback on EW or WoL is simply unacceptable.

However, I find its healing structure to be FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR worse than normal bells.

1. It is only 1 hit at a time which means if that hit does not crit, and a substantial % of your damage comes from CHD then that hit will be a very small amount of healing compared to a normal bell.

2. Even with my 2h wep, I can spam empowered waves like nobody's business which means that there is LESS than a 2s wait between healing spikes.

3. Normal bells do their damage over a span of time. The 3 hits do not all happen instantly and for the duration that they are happening, your monk is functionally invincible. Then the "line" nuke happens which is an additional source of healing to tide you over until the next set of 3.

4. Because it is one very large hit, Pillar is MUCH more likely to 1 shot you against RD packs.
If you eHP is low enough or your DPS high enough, a good round of crits will reflect more than your lifetotal back to you and you will insta-die.
Again, empowered wave completely removes this possibility by spreading the damage out over more little hits that happen sequentially.

tl;dr - Pillar is REALLY good for not having a knockback but relatively terrible for healing.

-Druin, the happy monk

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