ding dong the monk class is dead Blizzard

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Suggestion to OP: before you waste any more gold buying the wrong gear to "upgrade" your monk, look at the gear on a good monk.
You spent a bil on items that don't contribute much to your dps. I think that is on you.
05/19/2013 06:33 PMPosted by spectr3
First of all i never saw a monk do mp10 using shenlong's. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

^^ LOL, yeah... I eat MP10 for lunch, monk is da bomb!
05/19/2013 06:33 PMPosted by spectr3
First of all i never saw a monk do mp10 using shenlong's. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can roll mp10 using shen longs just fine, you just have to know how to use them.

OP's problem is he isn't playing the class right. Shen longs provides life per spirit spent and he cheaped out on the LOH.

His main problem is that for LOH to be effective you have to have high attack speed. When you have high attack speed, you also regen a lot of spirit. This lets you spend spirit. Every 2 seconds on ubers i spend 75 spirit for a total of 4500 life. Not to mention I have near 1000 LOH so on top of that I am putting that down every second. Plenty of life regen and the dodge effect automatically negates 45% of damage.

L2P classes bro. LOH only works with high IAS. just like life steal only work with high crit damage.
The gear is so expensive after the patch.
1 billion is like 100 million before patch.

You must be insane....why don't you go check the ah again.
You could have bought 2 weapons for 400m with over 1,000 dps, CD, main stat, LS and a socket. The rest would have been downhill.
05/19/2013 06:33 PMPosted by spectr3
First of all i never saw a monk do mp10 using shenlong's. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
op your items are awful and in no way are they worth 1 bil so you are ethire lying or you are just so awful at this game that you wouldn't know what to do with the bil you bought of rmah
OP don't feel so bad. Your billion gold has already been spent, so the best thing to do now is make the most of it.

A lot of people are gonna say you wasted a bill getting bad items, and they are right as far as PVE is concerned. However on the bright side, you're in a good starting place as far as brawling goes. Don't be jelly of your Wiz friend. Invite him to brawl and you will see what I mean. Monks are not in a bad place and definitely far from dead.

If I were in your shoes, I will do the following:
Amulet: craft a better one with crit chance and crit damage. Attack speed too if lucky. This is a DPS slot, so maximize DPS modifiers on it.

Bracers: go with crafted. You don't need knockback from Strongarms.

Change out a few pieces and stack up on a resist of your choice. Take full advantage of One with everything.

Get the Nats Boots + Ring combo. Stack the resist of your choice here to get cheap deals.

For farming, get Inna pants to get 24% movespeed.
Tal's Chest with Dex, Vit and Resist of your choice are a nice bang-for-the-buck DPS upgrade coz they are dirt cheap coz wizards don't want them.

Good luck on gearing.
there is just no reason to have that much hp with that little dps.... just pointless... why not change some of your gems out and stack loh or LS... with the gold your spending you should have end game gear not mid to love end gear...
this guy is trolling... i mean come on, no one is THAT bad at gearing. amiright?
monks are godly, whatchu talkin about.
Everyone's been giving you feedback =p hopefully you understands you need to learn not to make a rage thread next time. They get reported ;<
Mate if you spent 1 Billion on the gear that your wearing, then you should try a little bit more research before you go spending that amount of gold. There is no chance you spent 1 billion gold on that monk, and if you did, shame on you.
Its not dead, But its VERY expensive for a MONK to do MP10.
You must have every gear on top notch position to do MP 10 with monk.

But on lower MP, Monk can grind as FAST as DH or even WD.

05/19/2013 11:31 PMPosted by Razor
monks are godly, whatchu talkin about.

The so called godly class only ranks 51 in world dps rank.
Its not godly, but it does survive MP 10 for sure.
I'm confused... What did you spend 1 bill on? The most expensive piece of your gear is your marquise gems..
spent a bill for this 100k+ dps monk? wow..
05/19/2013 05:13 PMPosted by CROWE
I have been playing a Monk sense the beginning and now I'm so frustrated I'm about done with him, I just spent a BILL on the auction house trying to upgrade and get my EHP right while trying to keep my DPS meanwhile my buddy spends 200 mill on his wiz and guess who can role mp10 the best. Yes I survive because I have my EHP up but thats all I'm doing the monk doesn't lay down big enough crit hits bottom line whatever build you use.

honestly you need to learn to actually build a monk before you start saying the class is dead lol, ive spent maybe a quarter or less than a bil on my gear and my gear poops on yours, mp10 isn't that hard lol....learn to google my friend
DING DONG....op is one

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