Make Public the accounts that are being Penalized

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LOL so instead of being a registered sex offender, they would be a registered gold duper.

Amusing, but Blizz would never ever do that.
LMFAO roll laughing love it.
We can rename the treasure goblins after the banned duper accounts.

Best idea yet.

... and make those treasure goblins unique monsters, and create a new achievement for killing all of them (call it the Blizzard All Goblins achievement, or something like that).

List of tags followed by stage of investigation, how much they duped, level of punishment.

Give a spectacle of 'blood' to those who did not get the rollback. Actually show that , statistically, this was a better route.

P.S. would be fun to see a forest of heads on pikes of all their characters. Does not take considerable time to compose, animate etc.
While I can empathize with players wanting "proof" of what precise actions are being taken against individual accounts, the investigations and actions taken on a player's account are private. They can only be discussed directly between the account holder and Blizzard Entertainment.

Please be aware that discussing disciplined accounts on the forums is also against our Code of Conduct. If you wish to appeal actions taken against your account, you will need to submit a ticket.
05/09/2013 02:34 PMPosted by MinskiiG
List of tags followed by stage of investigation, how much they duped, level of punishment.

Gonna come right out and say it: No. This is not something we will do. Full stop.

Even if a player does something that very clearly merits a suspension or ban, we still value that person's privacy and aren't going to publicize what (if any) action we have taken in response. There are times where we will speak in general terms, but is not our policy (nor our preference) to discuss personal account information with anyone but the account holder. Ultimately, that kind of dialogue exists between Blizzard and the player, not Blizzard and the community.

This is not a witch hunt.
There will be no public shaming (so put down your pitchforks).
Any further threads encouraging harassment of other players will be locked or deleted.

Thanks. :)

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