Expansion titles { I'm Bored } : )

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Diablo 3: The depths Bellow
Diablo 3: Hell Seekers
Diablo 3: Shadows of Hope
Diablo 3: Nephalems Might
Diablo 3: A Endless Journey
Diablo 3: To Hell and Back
Diablo 3: Gates of Purgatory
Diablo 3: Heaven and Hell
Diablo 3: Lords of War
Diablo 3: A New End
Diablo 3: Hope Amongst Men

Any sound good or all suck lol : )
Diablo 3: 2 Beez Madness
Diablo 3: What should have been
Diablo 3: LexSteeles big black !@#$
Diablo 3: The Goblin King Expansion

Release Date August 1st 2012,....
D3:Create your own wealth.
Diablo 3: The Ultimate Fail Game
D3 Revenge of the Ban Hammer + Free DLC Double Jay Wilson Ubers.
Diablo 3: "EA style" features that was in the beta, but we toke out before launch, so we can resell something that should had been there in the first place!

Diablo 3. overhyped, poorly made game continued part 2!
Diablo 3: Cash Grab 2 Electric Boogaloo.
D3: The Auditing
Diablo 3: Why Won't You Stay Dead?!
There is a forum where things like this are discussed. It's called the Horadric Archives. I suggest everyone takes a gander to it.
Diablo 3: The Fall from Grace
Diablo III: We took a bee. And then we doubled it!
Diablo 3: Back 2 Beezness
Gone with the Sinned! :P
Diablo 3: The Itemonopoly
how about Diablo III: the seven revived
Diablo III: nephilims plight
Diablo III: Hells Awakening
Diablo 3: full alpha version
Diablo 3: pay to win, now with auto buy!
Diablo 3: "Over 60 Trillion Unique Builds" but only with 1-2 variables spec for each class

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