Problems and Solutions

I love the monk class and spend most of my time playing as one. As such, I have noticed a couple areas where the class is lacking, or unbalanced. Firstly, is the imbalance between generators, and second is the general high cost of spenders.

The second should be fairly straight forward to address, simply lowering the cost of some of the spenders some. Cyclone strike doesn't need to be 50. Dashing strike doesn't need to be quite 25. Seven sided strike doesn't need to be 50 and 30 second cooldown (choose one or the other to prioritize, then decrease the other slightly).

The generators on the other hand, should all be tuned to equality through their inherent attack speed modification. With fist of thunder as a base, each of the other generators need their base damage and spirit generation increased to balance with their slower attack speed. Let the rune variations enhance and differentiate these, not the base skill stats.

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