Soloing MP10 UBERS: A Monks Story.

So, I've had this notion for some time that a Monk should be able to solo MP10 UBERS consistently. And so, I first made sure I could solo Siege on MP10 inferno well. 5.4% LS and 91.8% TDR helped me along with that. I could easily solo the Skeleton King/Magda & Ghom/Rakanoth, but Ol;' Siege/Kulle were kicking my butt.

Then I heard that by using any of your mystic allies you could easily solo that fight because they would keep Siege tied up whilst you dispatched Kulle. And after using the ally, I quickly and easily dispatched Kulle, then Siege in succession with absolutely not a single issue whatsoever. You just have to be careful if they happen to be close to each other. If you move away, your ally will eventually pull one off and they will separate so you can jump back to Kulle again. So, MP10 UBER solo is on lock down with this here monk. Here's to many more doing the same thing!
This makes me happy to hear. Congrats!
Very nice, I've heard of people using mystic ally too. I tried solo'ing without it and khule/siege just too hard of a combo. Haven't tried mystic ally yet. I'm thinking if I have serenity i might be able to do it. Will have to try again.
I'll have to give that a try. I've been anxious to solo mp10 ubers but Sb/Zk always gave me such a hard time.
Grats on a big accomplishment! Assume you used Earth to taunt?
Interesting story secoya!

I have been trying forever to kill Siege/ZK with little luck. YOu give me renewed hope.

How long approx does it take you?
05/16/2013 07:20 PMPosted by Davlok
Grats on a big accomplishment! Assume you used Earth to taunt?

I used air actually, I assume you could use any one of them.
05/16/2013 08:03 PMPosted by Bankai
How long approx does it take you?

Didn't time it. It was before enrage though. I'm sure I was setting no records. I could sacrifice my 4 set bonus to pick up DPS (WO/Mempo) and use a SoJ switch out my pants for high dex ones (done). It could be fun to have a set that makes UBERS even quicker.

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