1.0.8- buffed xp, nerfed drops. thumbs down

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Lylirra just mentioned 2 reasons for upping density. the first i really dont understand or even think matters. the second is for viable alternatives to A3.

A3 and VotA are still the only zones worth farming.

pretty much all white mobs have been nerfed and any ones they missed will be nerfed soon. farming white mobs on mp10 is no longer viable. its a waste of time. goodbye CotA runs.

they nerfed white mobs and buffed white mob density not elite density (what matters and makes a3 still the best)

if you want xp great but xp wasnt a problem they just shortened the endgame life of this game.

i got 2 paragon 100s and i would love for paragon to go to 200.

i like the new broadcast and tag functions btw, not be be totally negative but the acts arent fixed.

a4 is still unplayable, whimsy is unplayable.

a1 and a2 are only good for xp which means nothing for paragon 100 characters, and there will alot of us very soon.

people might be happy with things right now but once the nerfed drop rate of white mobs really sinks in and is exposed the flaws in this patch will be better known.

i hope this isnt indication of the itemization fix. 1.0.8 gives the illusion of fixing the other acts but besides xp which will soon be useless to everyone theres not much substance in this patch.

as someone who has invested so much time and effort into this game and has 2 top 50 characters its sad to say that this game has really lost my interest. i really liked patch 1.0.7 btw.

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