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I am From Singapore, I know it is Asia and I probably suppose to be in the Asia server. However, most players in Singapore play the US server ever since D2.

We hope Blizzard cann do something about this lag issue. My game has delays and jerks every now and then.

Please do something about this. Thank you so much.
I know Blizzard usually don't really care But I still sincerely hope things can be done. Thanks.

From my experience in communicating with Blizzard. They don't seem to really read into our concerns. = )
Don't worry, US isn't much better either.
not sure if its my modem or its the game but i am getting to a point trying to play at night is not worth it - got 3 days to get to lv 100 before i go back to work so hope i get there - Just under lv 94
Becouse Blizzard dont give a f@@k about us anymore will not buy anything from you guys in the future.
Keep doing your dummy updates patches and make everything even worst,dont reply to YOUR COSTUMERS problems, reports,dont try to help them out, keep let them down,keep polishing wow players d@@k.
I remember the time when blizzard did mean something for the peoples who liked play their games,not anymore,the new generation coming up will ignore this company,the reason : useless.
Diablo 2 had a single player option tpc/ip multiplayer option,if you guys are lazy to fix this laag issues everybody complain about let peoples play each other without your crapy servers.
Easyer for you and costumers are happy too. Just one idea,how the LAZY peoples keep their customers HAPPY!
You are wellcome LAZY Blizzard.
Hope you run out of money soon and going down,and somebody else will make diablo 4 maybe the diablo fans finally become able to enjoy the game...
03/08/2014 11:53 AMPosted by Tresh1981
,dont reply to YOUR COSTUMERS problems,

what do you dress up as?
The PTR was much better for me. In live I am around 250ms but then out of nowhere it will jump to 1000ms and I can't do anything.

This is a real problem for anz community. please look into it. Maybe some sort of bug was introduced during patch 2.0.1 because the PTR was fine for me.

I ran a tracert when I had red line i,e, 1000ms in-game this is what I got. I believe the problem might be coding.

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms
3 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms []
4 18 ms 23 ms 23 ms []
5 26 ms 26 ms 25 ms []
6 25 ms 25 ms 26 ms []
7 201 ms 200 ms 200 ms []
8 200 ms 200 ms 201 ms []
9 200 ms 202 ms 203 ms []
10 202 ms 204 ms 207 ms []
11 204 ms 203 ms 203 ms []
12 201 ms 200 ms 200 ms []
13 202 ms 200 ms 200 ms []
14 202 ms 202 ms 203 ms []
15 201 ms 202 ms 202 ms
16 203 ms 203 ms 204 ms

Trace complete.
After installing the patch I keep getting disconnected even when my ping is 250 - 300ms... Are there any fixes or do I have to put up with it until the next patch? It's completely unplayable atm...
Yes huge lag been better today but not by much at least 50sm higher than pre patch and getting big spikes every 15 or so.

Sucks balls
I'm experiencing lag around 800-1700ms. It's totally unplayable up from about 300ms a few months ago when I left the game, which wasn't great ping to begin with but at least I could play.
Yeah this game is laggy as hell, right now it takes between 1 and 5 seconds to cast anything, though I can play a game of League of Legends or some Planetside 2 and everything runs great. Meanwhile, Blizzard can't even come up with a semi-coherent reason not to let us play this offline, their responses to questions about it are childish and have no substance.
read between the lines,and stop crying.
this is all u get from my comment ? poor u...
I was playing yesterday just fine with a latency of 160-190 ms and then at 8pm AEDT on the nose the latency jumped to 350-400ms. It came down a little at around 9.30pm AEDT but didn't get better than 280ms.
Please fix us. Please !
Can the network guys from Blizzard please investigate the LAG issues for us Australians?

I'm varying all over the place latency wise from 190, 249, 341, 530, 937 to 1600ms.

It's unbearable!!!

I've spoken to my ISP and they've checked my connection and say it's OK.
Going to websites, downloads, etc, all run fine.
I also play Eve Online and Path of Exile and both are running fine.
Blizzard Tech's - Any update? Still extremely laggy and unplayable.

I'm varying from 244ms to 1647ms on the in game latency meter.
Yup I can't even play the game at all. The lag is so crazy bad and it not my computer or internet. I don't know what to do! My heart is out there for the people who bought the reaper of souls expansion for unplayable laggy servers
Having a lot of issues with login and lag today, many error messages and timeouts. Creating a new game is hit and miss and will just hang on the loading screen a lot of the time. If I get into a game everything seems fine in town but if I port somewhere it might take up to 30 seconds and then i may or may not appear.

I've been able to play at least single player fine since RoS release, until today.
last week or so has been fine but starting tonight i too have noticed horrendous lag when I try to fight a mob
Okay, im new at these threads so i may seem like a noob but every time I seem to play Diablo 3, what happens that i try to attack but nothing results from the attack, like i would target a bat and nothing happens, nor does the bat move NOTHING moves as a matter of fact, except me.... Would that classify as server lag? I dont think it is my internet because skype calls and other pc games work perfectly fine.

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