Have 80mil, need upgrade suggestions

I would recommend getting two piece nats with close to 200 dex boots and ring.

Other than that I would upgrade both of your weapons, looking for a WKL with LoH or LS (preferably LS) and getting crit damage and higher damage on your other weapon

also, get a better gem for your helmet!
are you willing to break apart your inna's set?
I would look for a nice pair of Ice Climbers with high Dex, and Vit + double resist, they also always roll %life which makes them really awesome for survivability.

Some people prefer the Nats set over Ice climbers and a separate ring, but I find Ice Climbers to be one my best slots for defensive stats and you can eventually make up the DPS from not having nats in other places.
Get some double resist Nat's boots. Should be able to get a pair with 190 dex, 80 AR, and CR for a couple mil.

Then spend all your money crafting gloves --> bracers --> shoulders --> amulet

While farming up DE's try and snipe upgrades on low bids like new weapons (probably MH, anything worth while to replace you WKL would have to be with CD or LS and a socket and that will probably be difficult to find for less than 100m), a witching hour, or new inna's helm.

I don't know what MP you are running, but you may even want to go TR for mp 1. Just find a cheap SoJ, Inna's helm with spirit regen, and a skorn with a bunch of life on hit and check out Druin's thread on it for the build. Use that to farm up more money and DE's while building a more solid dual wield set up.

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