A question for you hc hc players...

Is it possible to beat the game on HC with just picked up items? I am not talking about going into mp10 or anything.

The other thing I was wondering is if its possible to hit para 100 with just picked up items.

I recently gave up on regular play with my barb as I was never finding upgrades and even a modest upgrade cost 200 million gold (an amount of gold I couldn't get if I wanted to play 24/7 for the rest of the year). I decided to start a hc barb and just live off of drops. Screw the overpriced ah. I figure I will eventually hit a wall and stop playing again but not for a while. :)
Yes my dead monk in my profile did it.
If you are referring to your lvl 12 barb named broke he is not a HC char.
I thought I made him in hc....grr oh well, will start over....again. lol
Absolutely. My entire account is self-found, haven't used AH since January, and I vendored my ENTIRE stock of items when I came back playing at the beginning of May (restarted by buying vendored stuff in A3 hell and a few drops later easy farming mp 0 inferno). In ~30-40 hours played at level 60, I have gotten good enough items to farm mp 1 (semi-slowly) with 250% magic find on WD/wiz, and barb and monk could easily steamroll mp1/2 full clears efficiently. So in <40 hours played at 60, I already have multiple gear set/options for most of my characters.

Para 100, absolutely, most paragon leveling is done at mp0 or mp1, since I can already steamroll mp1 in a short period of time played without any great weapon drops.

Self-found is more challenging, enjoyable, and certainly more rewarding/gratifying to me, which is why I play video games in the first place. Join the club!
No worries, welcome to the real D3. HC is a great time you will enjoy it for sure!
welcome to the real D3. HC is a great time you will enjoy it for sure!
I can already feel a weight lifted. The game is actually fun now. Its like a fresh start. I don't have crap for gold and could care less. Will see how long the self found lasts, I may have to go with the crafters eventually. So far so good though. Best decision I have ever made involving this game.
In my opinion Hardcore self found(only use items you can find) is the best way to play the game...

F*** the AH...LOL
Possible? If you're careless, then your character may die when you first reach Inferno. If you're patient, then beating the game is easy.
I too am trying this HC self found out play style. This is my first try at Hardcore and at self found, and I have to say it has been really fun and a refreshing way to play the game. Last night I battled Belial and my screen flashed red and got my heart racing like crazy! That never happened in softcore...
yes !@#$ ah (:, all my chars r self found and mp 10 4 now(and low levels lol)
05/18/2013 08:47 PMPosted by Sion
I thought I made him in hc....grr oh well, will start over....again. lol

If you're like me, you will never, ever, ever stop forgetting to mark the characters you create as HC. So far, I'm only 3 for 9 creating a HC character on the first try.

Anyway, sure. You can beat the game self found in HC. Others have done it. Barb is probably one of the easier classes to try to do it with.

Getting to p100 is "easier" than beating the game in that it's just more time consuming. Technically, you never even have to leave Act-3 Hell or Act-1 Inferno MP-0 to do it.
05/20/2013 12:02 AMPosted by Sion
I may have to go with the crafters eventually.

Crafting is allowed within the spirit of self-found, provided you are crafting the items with stuff you found and salvaged yourself.
05/20/2013 10:07 AMPosted by lrenji
yes !@#$ ah (:, all my chars r self found and mp 10 4 now(and low levels lol)

lol y is that hard to believe, only made to 28 highest(just lost my wiz lol getting high prolly don't help), there r others who played mp10 self found and got a lot further, ur a stupid !@#$
You can find fairly good stuff fairly cheap on the HC AH. I got all my chars geared for about 20M. Don't give up on it because items are too expensive...Give up on it due to DC and Lag Spike Deaths.
It's definitely possible to finish Inferno difficulty (and paragon farming beyond that) with self found items only, even if you play strictly solo. I just started another self found Hardcore character this weekend, and I'm excited to see if I can clear Inferno with it. I decided to play a monk because I've never really played one, so it's a really fresh take on the whole experience. I'll probably die before I make it to Inferno, though.

Good luck with your Barbarian, and you might be surprised about how far you can go before you notice your progress slowing down.
I'm rubbing my eyes in disbelief!

A real life Blue post in the HC forums! Yes!

I didn't think that you guys read the HC stuff.

It's good to see that you do!

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