A question for you hc hc players...

With crafting its actually pretty easy now
Yes, you can finish Inferno with self found items only, although it is doing to be extremely difficult doing it alone, unless you get lucky on a drop.
If you look at my Wizard you would see where I am at with self found and 0 gold start. I've been able to craft ok chest, shoulder and decent bracers (first roll) so far.
Itemization is in huge disadvantage for self found, as 1-60 you barely see any rare or legendary items.
I've probably found less than 40 rares on my journey from 1 to 60 and that took some time (16.5h to be exact).
Inferno so far I've farmed A1 MP1 in group/public games, as there is no chance I will progress on my own with decent speed with 5k dps (my dps when i entered Inferno).
If you use crafting you have a chance of getting all the way to 100. You really need to use the new crafting recipes and some luck and you're good to farm MP0-1 Inferno with decent speed.
I'm debating to craft some Galraki's or other 6 prop weapons, although they are i62 stats, some can be good. Maybe when I accumulate enough gold from sales on AH, I'll give it a shot, but for now, weapons/off hands are coming from drops.
I've been loving HC recently. I never played it too seriously because I hated the thought of dieing and losing everything on my character. But at the same time, I lost two wizards yesterday because I got too cocky with my play style. If anything it's made me be a bit more conservative and I've enjoyed the game more knowing the time I've spent on my character could be over if I get too reckless.

Just need some more people who want to play the same way now to group up!
< self found diablo killer ;3
happy hunting in-game!
It's definitely possible to finish Inferno difficulty (and paragon farming beyond that) with self found items only, even if you play strictly solo. I just started another self found Hardcore character this weekend, and I'm excited to see if I can clear Inferno with it. I decided to play a monk because I've never really played one, so it's a really fresh take on the whole experience. I'll probably die before I make it to Inferno, though.

Good luck with your Barbarian, and you might be surprised about how far you can go before you notice your progress slowing down.

Okay..what did we do wrong? =P
I'm trying the self-found route, and my biggest problem so far is the lack of rubies that drop in game. I wish Covetous Shen could sell and/or exchange gem types for you. :(

Go slow in HC. Don't rush. have 1 or 2 "oh !@#$" button to get you out of tight spots.

seeing that your barb is your HC character. incorporate leap-iron impact into your build and some form of rend. it gets you out of tight spots and gives very good surv. Have wotb to break cc initially.

Do that until you have enough cc to go ww. And mind you, it's not easy to keep wotb up in HC so keep your wotb to save you from jailer/arcane/frozen etc initially

Use the above, go slow. farm DE. they are very important. Craft some decent gear and you can easily farm mp1-2.

OR you might get lucky and find a crap mempo. a crap mempo in HC sells for easily 80 million and up. That can gear you completely. In SC, it sells for 200 k.

I got lucky and found a dex mempo which allowed me to regear my whole barb.

Hope this helps
yes it is mate. I am playing selffound, currently p38 with my monk, p15 with barb i think, wd p7, dh p6, wiz p0
It ups the difficulty and the levels from 15-60 will be a bunch slower (especially 44 on where you would normally have a -lvl weapon) but it is fully doable.

I am inclined to give it a go on another account that only has softcore on it currently.

Fresh start, zero gold, full solo self found.

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