where is the best place to farm legendary/set items?

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i have been reading some posts where to farm legendary/set items and tried them but, up until now i haven't found anything on my own..
pls. help me.. thanks!
the best place to farm is the spot in the game you most enjoy running over and over again.
The best 'place' is wherever there are the most mobs as legendaries are not location specific (unless you are after easter egg items).

MF + Maximum kills in the shortest amount of time= loot. So choose a MP level where you can kill things quickly (1-2 shot) and farm a densely populated area. Make sure the MP is at least 1 as otherwise the monster density buff won't take effect.

The most popular place to farm at the moment is Act 1. There are variations on the route but I personally start with Festering Woods (to build NV) then go to Weeping Hollow and finish with Fields of Slaughter. Rinse and repeat.

Remember that how fast you farm is of utmost importantance so try to utilize a speed build with your class. Good luck! :)
The RMAH!!

*cue rimshot

Thanks, i'll be here all night ladies and gentlemen.
The RMAH!!

*cue rimshot

Thanks, i'll be here all night ladies and gentlemen.

In my experience its been Vota+Desolate Sands+Oasis in Act 2.
Mostly because you reach 5 stack very quickly and the entire run offers high density mobs

I wouldn't be surprised if Scorpion runs are still the most efficient though. They were ultra quick runs with lots of loot drops even if the xp got toned down a lot.
AH sadly
I found 12 legendaries in 1.5 act 1 runs yesterday.
The first thing depends on kill speed, MP level, and MF.

NV helps of course, I find legendaries and sets in dense areas at any NV, but yes, mostly 5.

Instead of the daily grind, I grind for keys. I am currently Plvl 76, so the MF is pretty high and I run MP 6.

Act 3 is lame now compared to the density of 1 and 2, so I just start in arreat on the way to Azmodan for 2-3 stacks, then roll Keeps level three for the rest of the stacks. Once at 5 stacks I clear Keeps level 2 then Keywarden. I usually find one legendary every 2 runs in Act 3.

For act 2, I go to VOTA for stacks then start at the path to the Oasis and begin clearing until I find the Keywarden. I usually find one legendary/set in the VOTA per run, but also in the Oasis.

For Act 1, I start in Festering Woods for stacks, then cemetary of the forsaken crypts to get the last stack if needed. I then go from the cemetary to the Fields of Misery and clear it looking for the warden. I usually get one legendary/set per run, sometimes two.

The events also seem to drop more legendary items now, not often, but more than before, so I do all the events while key farming.

Good Luck.
After months of trial and error, I've determined the best places for the best drops:

1) Act 3, Fields of Slaughter (found all my best gear there, including Mara's)
2) Act 2, Dalgur Oasis (found all my second-best gear there)
3) Act 1, Fields of Misery (found 3 legs in a row there)

Yeah, there you go. Run and be free little eagle.

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