SC wizards w/ chant... what is your base dps?

just curious. no blood magic no follower etc. base dmg.
Depending on what I'm wearing, 250-281k. I'm not in the chants/SC gear at this time.

Edit: but I'm glassier than what you'd want.
309 with AR ring 318 with dmg ring

if i ever get my pants from the AH it will be 320 with dmg ring
142.Don't judge me.
342k dps atm
3500 armor
753 all resists
55% cc
I'm lower than all of you. HA!
194k dps (2.46 aps, 47.5%cc, 4331 armor, 620ar, i.e. 85.8%DR).

(197k dps, 2.503, 4547 armor (86.2%DR) w/enchantress, which is what i usually play with)
253K dps
2.76 aps
64% cc (I use templar)

5152 armor
810 AR
89.38% DR
DPS Unbuffed: 325,935.77

also on 8% DPS to elites
303 with OS wandage 228 with compete total war 92% mits never die ias set and everything in between
182k, 2.74dps, 49.5cc, and 4000ish armor with 800 AR
181K DPS with 87.6% mitigation
203k DPS, 2.82 APS, 56cc, 90.35% mitigation
265k w ias wand 310k w os wand

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