MoE: Backlash VS. MoC: Overawe

Which is better and under what situations?

I have been using overawe until today and switched to backlash and OMG IT IS AMAZING with gaurdian's path. Plus it looks like it can proc crits.
Yes it Proc's LS! I run backlash all the time with 6th sense, + guardians path. Puts me at about 80% dodge = stand there and the goons die and you don't even have to attack! Lol!
Backlash + Cyclone strike = Pure fun

It triggers every time you pull those mobs in :)
Dual wield + fast attack speed here. Even though BL is affected by attack speed, I find that OA can't be beat. The difference is night and day. If BL is ever buffed - I'll try it again.
Overawe is good for outputting more damage and reaping more benefits from LS. Backlash will leave you killing mobs more slowly while simultaneously helping you dodge direct attack damage (but not arcane, molten, desecrate, etc) and punishing mobs for attacking. The problem of mitigating more damage, however, is nullified to an extent because you are exposing yourself to more attacks by killing mobs more slowly.

In short, overawe wins, although Backlash is definitely fun. I ran with Backlash and MoC: Submission pretty extensively and the difference when switching to Overawe is immediately noticeable. Both Backlash and Submission need buffs, IMHO.
if you're dying a lot, backlash. if no, overawe (and in group)

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