ATTN: Yems

Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Spec into Blizzard (use Stark Winter, not sure if another rune works yet or not) and Arcane Torrent: Powerstone. Go into an area. Cast a Blizzard on the mobs. Then start shooting Arcane Torrent at them. Enjoy your unlimited AP.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.
Lolzz :) Tried it. Get 30+ pick up radius and melt those monsters :D
wow nice, so it worked with pick up radius hehe
When I do it on a huuuuuge pack of mobs, my computer starts to drop down to like 5 fps. lol
pretty nice find malakai haha, now we can spam blizzard without worrying of AP.

so after trying the rune of what ive noticed:

-you does not need to directly hit the enemy with arcane torrent, so even if blizzard is the only thing hitting them and you're hitting a wall or something a powerstone will still drop

-party members can't seem to see the power stone??

-party members can't pick up power stone

-you need to cast arcane torrent for power stones to drop ( duh XD)

-blizzard frozen solid spam is a nice thing to use specially for ubers :D
-blizzard frozen solid spam is a nice thing to use specially for ubers :D

haha, didn't think about that. Nice.

I was messing around with it in conjunction with Meteors. So AT + Blizz + Meteor. If I had some pickup radius it would be nice. Without it, having to stop and run around picking up globes didn't seem worth it.

I'm sure someone will come along and find a way to abuse the heck out of it before they fix it. :D
just did some mp10 run solo with magda/SK

i almost friggin facetank'ed them both lol

uploading the vid now :D
Me thinking of a way to abuse it with sns
was fun :D

Nicely done.
we can actually add attackspeed with this to increase dps without worrying of ap - too bad i think it'll get hotfix for it looks kind of bug??
-party members can't seem to see the power stone??

-party members can't pick up power stone

Yes this is right, I ran it in multiplayer and confirmed that others cannot see/get power stones.
What's the deal with this exactly? Nobody used this before.
If only this synergy was intended, our quest for the "3rd build" would have effectively ended.
Yikes, that's a lot of AP globes. Never seen one before, nevermind fifty at once. They look awful useful.

On a side note, my Arcane Mines with 30 APoC can feed quite a streak of Blizzard-FS casts. Better some freeze than no freeze. Also agree with Malakai, Blizzard spam is a FPS killer. Kind of makes me mad.

Hi haxxor, just friended you the other day.
Its ALOT of fun...too bad the power stones don't apply for other wizards. Of course that would be totally OP but hey...we like that.
Was this stealth buffed?
05/10/2013 02:26 PMPosted by DoctorDoom
Was this stealth buffed?

More like never used?
Weird... this also works with meteor but not as prolific... I dunno what is causing it... is this a bug?

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