Right now i'm trying to upgrade my offhand weapon, I have 30mi, but any weapon that has cd,socket,ls is low dps and extremely expensive at ah right now, I don't think that the prices were aways like that, since i bought my MH and OH for 3 ~ 4mi each, if anyone in this forums wanna help a poor soul get more dps, by selling a weapon for a reasonable amount of gold (i can spend 30mi, but if you would sell it for more, post it. though i won't guarantee that i can afford it :p).

Thanks!! my btag is Ayriel#1817
By far, the best offhand is a credit card :-D
Oh well =(
If you paid 3-4m for that MH, you just got a deal, these are worth more than that, and were way before the AH went crazy.
But ah is just impossible right now, or those prices are acceptable? Is there a way to get a good weapon without a credit card? lol.
Because you're dual wielding, don't undervalue getting a bunch of Dex on your weapons. Especially on your off-hand, because you're going bells.


Here's a weapon I bought (admittedly a pre-1.0.8) that cost less than 8m. Less DPS listed on the weapon, but it represents a paper increase of about 6K DPS for you. I'm guessing its an even larger effective DPS boost because more of your damage comes from Dex and CD, but the whole bell math gets more difficult because it's a slow weapon and you may be making sure to use FitL with your off hand.

So really, you'd want something with similar DPS/CD/Dex, but a faster attack. The main point is: stacking higher Dex and CD, especially on your off hand, can be more effective (and much more cost effective) than just looking for weapons with high raw DPS.

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