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The game now says 2 pm .........!@#$ man I think between waiting for the server to be up and waiting for the auction house to be up, I am playing this game less and less. Seeing how I am on the forum right now, but I work and come back home and there is always some sort of problem. Not to mention how long a patch takes but....meh
Blizz you may be the worst development team ever. WTF I mean seriously down all day for a couple hotfixes??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Then you insult your fans by smiling and saying things like it will be up soon its no big deal. Seriously have some f-ing insight/responsibility into why you are f-ing up ALL THE TIME<<<<<<<<as read by the angry DG sorority girl.
Posted by Tex
I miss video games that you could buy and then play until your eyes bled, and the only 'server maintenance' was blowing on the game cartridge.

dungeons and dragons warriors of the eternal sun for sega /win

They seem to be having some problems. Office footage of the techs.
05/14/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Beacon
How long is soon in minutes/hours I really don't know anymore : (

When a developer says it it means any time between x and never, where x is the time it should take scaled up to the next higher unit of measurement. For example 3 minutes becomes 3 hours and 3 hours becomes 3 days.
Thanks you again for everyone's patience - US is back up.
Oh we ran out of patience a long time ago. We're just burning up goodwill.

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