Stuck on "Updating Blizzard Update Agent"

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I was NOT reinstalling or had changed anything on my PC or game and I cannot even get to the loggin screen this morning.

At first I could not get passed the "checking for updates" that pops up before the game opens-then after following troubleshooting steps on now it gets stuck about 1/3 of the way through loading and says "Updating Blizzard Update Agent"

Little help here??? this is hella bogus
sweet..... I tried uninstalling and now i cant even reinstall.....awesome....
Yep, and good luck waiting for an actually helpful reply. Nothing has changed on my comp or with my game and now I can't get past the checking for updates part. Come one blizzard. I've been playing this game for a year straight and SUDDENLY it stops working?
try this and if nothing work, open a ticket...
This happened to me a few days ago. Regardless of what "Tech Support" (lol) says, it will most likely work itself out. Always seems to for me, without changing a thing.
Doesn't work for me either. Trying to run it and install D3. Gets stuck at 2/3 bar.
Mine doesn't even do that now. Just gives me a port error when I try to install now (I reinstalled). I'm on Win 7 64 bit, and I havent had this issue, with Warcraft or with SC, just diablo now. This is odd. They all run on the same type of updater. Why won't it 'let it' connect now? I feel it may be an issue with the registry entry, not getting deleted or soemthing... but I don't know for sure, and I feel like we arent going to get help on this issue considering, I've placed a ticket, responded a few times, and the answers are not even an attempt to try to fix the problem.

All we want to do is fix the issue, and I've read at least a dozen topics on this same issue or issues similar. Cmon guys, what do you guys think we should try? It was working for me earlier, after I ran the main setup.exe (I don't own the discs, dl off the internet) then after that it started giving me the port 1119 port error.

Yes i am in the US no I did not dl the EU version. the balls?
Got the same problem:
-First the updating wouldn't even start, I had to open internet explorer so that the download finaly triggers (dunno why though).

-Second, I had to delete the Blizzard and folders in the ProgramData hidden folder, then execute the launcher with windows XP SP3 compatibility in administrator mode so that it FINALLY accepts to properly launch and run.

This issue is so messed up, it exists since blizzard released their game and is still not fixed, horray \o/
I have literally tried every think that they have said and everything I have read on here and nothing works. Even did the selective setup so only Microsoft services are running. After deleting the folder it will download a few files then get stuck around 33% at Updating Blizzard Launcher.
Open your cmd.exe as Administrator, then open your launcher. When the launcher gets stuck, go to your command window and type [ipconfig /release] (minus the []), then press Enter. This should allow your launcher to open. After it does, go back to your command window and type [ipconfig /renew] (again, minus the []), and again press Enter.

You should be able to now press Play and get into D3!
Was trying to play D3 (EU) again after a few months break and I ran into this issue.

After trying to delete the folders from ProgramData to no avail, I tried running the launcher from cmd.exe as administrator.

I dunno if I just lucked out or that did it, but it worked, so thanks!
same here! Just found a service status update regarding a scheduled realm maintenance

maybe it's because of that?

We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, June 18th at 05:00 PDT and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 PDT. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.
This might be very old but I actually found a solution for this. Got it at the troubleshooting guide from blizzard tech support FAQs.

You should search and destroy a file named "agent.db" that can be found at ProgramData/ folder. Make sure you have show hidden files and folders.

Hope this helps.
I found the same solution, only I had to delete the entire agent folder at C:\ProgramData\\Agent

It is a common issue with all Blizzard games, and it is caused by corrupt files or settings with the agent files. When deleting the Agent folder, the game launcher will reinstall the files needed and fix the problem.

Not one blue post on any forum came up with this simple solution, so I also thought I'd post to help others.

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