Thinking about quitting.

Selling everything on rmah and cash out .
I tried so hard and spent hundreds of dollars to make my monk 200k unbuffed dps, with all these gold dupes, some scrub probably get 300k unbuffed without even trying. They don't even have to buy gg items, they can just craft. Cause they have billions of gold. Like buying lottery that has much better winning rate with free money.
Would you have quit when the expansion came out?
They still need the tomes and the DEs, both of which are actually more of a limiting factor than gold in the long run, I think. In order to craft 1000 amulets, you need to kill at a minimum 1000 elites. Anyway, people have always been able to just buy the gold before and jump past whatever arbitrary stats you set. Playing the game has pretty much always been the least efficient way to get a more powerful character since day 1. (The new crafting actually recipes were actually one of the few changes that added much of a playing-the-game requirement)
Doesn't matter, they can buy some decent mid tier items get like 150k dps then start farming demonic.
They have the free money to go into Casino. All they need is an airline ticket to Vegas.

Before this debacle, a billion gold was like, 50 bucks. 200K DPS was probably achievable in one week to the average 14-year-old with a paper route. You're a little late to be complaining that it's too easy for those who want to get gear to get it by buying it or flipping or by not playing "properly" or whatever.
I have 400-500 demonic saved up just by play mp6-8 public runs and some mp10 uber and key runs in past 2 weeks. 1-2 hours a day.
Demonic is not hard to get.
Are you enjoying the game? If no just wait for the xpac or future patches for added content. No sense worrying about what others are doing as long as you enjoy the game.

There will always be someone with better gear than you no matter how they acquired it. No fret brotha and game on. If not see you in the xpac.

Nooo Violentine.

You are one of the nicest monk! (helped me and TML out alot in uber runs)

I understand your frustration though. Without roll back, I don't see how they catch everyone and negate everything that happened during those hours.

But the way RMAH is set up, it would be too much trouble on their end to roll back (Paypal issue being the biggest one)

I can't believe they didn't properly test AH with the new patch before releasing.
I mean, if you've already made up your mind ... i'll troll for some dumped gear as you delete ;)

j/k I'm just starting back after a LONG while ... seems like some of my biggest issues with the game (@launch) are gone!
Don't quit Violentine, you gonna be fine.
Do it! It's what all the cool kids are doing :D
^^ got a point there.
Go HC ... no cheating there - Only PURE Skill and hand-me-downs from other players
I find that aspect of this game incredibly annoying as well to be honest. I am not knocking anyone for buying a top tier toon without really playing, but there is something to be said for a player knowing the mechanics well and putting in the time equaling a superior character.

Unfortunately gaming seems to be heading away from that direction in general.

+1. Completely agree. Pay2win seems to be the way to go... way over play2win when it comes to this particular game in any case. I think I have mentioned this elsewhere, but I am getting close to stepping away from this game (or this franchise) for this reason. Which is kind of unfortunate, because this game has/had so much potential.
i encourage you to quit. although i will miss your fail troll posts like your dh video.

for those that dont know he made a video of him killing an elite on mp10 in 3 minutes and said thats why dh dont need buffs!

so much fail you need to quit. see ya
First off, I would comment one should not let yourself be emotionally affected by what is beyond your realm of control.

Unfortunately, humans are built like that - and the best solution is to extract oneself from the environment which gave rise to a situation you have found unacceptable.

So take a break. Play another game. You might end up really quitting but it might be healthier for you.
Luckily, I'm really honest guy without do that things and no real cash on this game. I think those guys can play other games until Blizz resolve it and get back to play D3 again.
...just wait for the xpac or future patches for added content. No sense worrying about what others are doing as long as you enjoy the game.

Exactly what I'm doing!
I've got off the D3 train for now and waiting for an xpac. I feel as if I've gotten the most out of what has been brought to us for now and in the overall scheme of things, it's just Paragon levelling faster now.

Violentine: I'll be back when the xpac hits (whenever that happens! hahahahah), but I wouldn't advise on liquidating just in case some nice game changing stuff occurs that may bring you back here. Especially with the volatility of the current market.
don't think, just DO IT.
all the cool kids like myself, have already quit this game.
Go play Borderlands 2, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2,
they're all better than Diablows.
Now I troll the forums cuz it's the only entertaining thing to do around here. >:)

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