1.0.7 3007 Disconnect now GONE w/ 1.0.8

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*redirect to technical support* ?

In all seriousness, and you can check my prior post history. I could NOT play 1.0.7 without getting disconnected with a 3007 error OR a 3009 error.

NOW ...

With the 1.0.8 patch, everything is FIXED ... !

NO disconnects, no errors, and no start-up lag. (upon first attack)

Also .... no *Rubber-banding* ... even though I've heard of some complaints, I've never experienced that issue, I'm happy that I can now play this game without being disconnected.

I do not know what the rest of you have experienced, but I can FINALLY play this game, after 2 months ... !

To the Diablo Team, I wanna say THANKS for fixing this issue.(?)
I think whatever they did to fixed you screwed the rest of us.
I certainly hope not Chaos.
Of course ...

This relates to no one.

All smiles.

It's been *fixed*
Its seems that everyone that has Cox Communications are all getting the same problem an error 3007. Never had the problem before, until the AH came back on
Same here :( Really bumming me out this weekend.

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