Is this Unity ring good for a monk?

Sorry I normally don't do this...but I recently returned to the game and don't have a very good handle on the value of items. A friend suggested this might be good for a monk, so thought I'd ask.


33-64 Damage
226 Dex
31 Vit
286 LoH
4.5% Crit Chance
+3% damage vs elites

Closest price I could find on the AH was ~50m, but I don't really trust those too much. Any input would be great :)

Personally, I much prefer a well rolled Litany ring (I go for ChD over IAS, but that just suits my gearing philosophy more).

It's very well balanced, gives you good EHP that kind of counteracts some of the EHP loss should you go with a WH belt.

With that said, Unity ring, for DPS purposes, is pretty strong. If you are thinking about that, then you might as well also consider a Wailing Host ring -- very similar to Unity, but very slightly different:

My 2 cents anyway...
Unity is great for DPS! I find that nothing on the AH really beats Litany of the Undaunted in terms of balance + DPS...
Thank you very much for the quick responses...although re-reading my post I realize I didn't say what I meant to say.

I am looking to sell this ring, and am wondering what it would fetch on the gold AH. Apologies for any confusion.
I think you might have trouble getting 50m for it since it only has one main dps stat, no CHD and no IAS weakens the value. You got about 70 extra dex and an almost negligible amount of vit as your extra roll, so I'd check ones with 200+ dex and go from there. If you price yours the same as someone else's that has no vit yours will sell almost guaranteed.

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