Why So Much Knockback w/ Lashing Tail Kick?

I'm trying to find a way to use this skill more effectively, but the huge, across-the-screen knockback really makes it a massive inconvenience in solo, and very undesirable in co-op. Is there a reason both melee characters have such large, annoying knockback abilities? I'm thinking maybe for pvp or something, but I don't ever do that.
Try using it against those treasure goblins, heard you can infinitely interrupt their portal jump.

Otherwise you could focus a build around the hand of ytar rune. Can be fun as well.
You try the sweeping armada rune, you do not know the true definition of knock back ;)
Ya it's a shame because the spinning flame kick looks promising but if I liked chasing mobs I would just get an ef. Scorpion sting is decent, I use it in public coops because the stun is really good and it doesn't knock anything about like bells.
05/16/2013 04:57 AMPosted by EradicatOr
You try the sweeping armada rune, you do not know the true definition of knock back ;)

Yeah, tried them all, certainly even more annoying than the others. I'm kind of wondering if there's a bug with the knockback that's causing things to be launched literally all the way across the screen (and in sweeping armada's case, OFF the screen entirely). I also think it's weird how sometimes the effect varies, even with sweeping armada. Sometimes things are just briefly knocked up and back a short distance, similar to Wave of Light, while sometimes they get blasted into space.

I think it'd be cool visually if instead of knockback, Lashing Tail Kick runes that had it would instead knock things down. While knocked down, character movement would be unimpaired until they got back up. So kind of like a stun, but better for clearing paths yet not sending things out of melee range with knockback. Same concept would be great for Barb's Seismic Slam too. Would really hate to keep having to close distance manually (without Thunderclap) as things were continually being knocked back.
yea LTK is fun to use, but the knockback is insane. I would love to incorporate this into a build if it wasn't for the huge knockback.
LTK with SA is the best. I used a build centered around this for a very long time. It just takes a bit of practice how to use it to your advantage. It's best suited for lower mitigation setups, where you can't tank a whole elite pack simultaneously, but works fine with everything else as well.

Basically, you pick a target you want to deal with on 1-on-1 basis and you angle your kick so the monster lands into a corner or against some other handy obstacle. You immediately follow after it with TC and start FoT-ing the hell out of it. FoT has an innate interruption factor with each 3rd strike and will keep your target pinned to the wall, preventing it from dealing much damage back to you. Everything else in the area of your kick's impact has been sent flying to the four corners of the world (or your screen) and depending on weight and resistances - sometimes even beyond that. After it makes a landing, it's slowed for couple of seconds and then it takes some time to make it back to you. You essentially get 4-5 sec of private time with a single target, before you get swarmed again and then it's time for another SA kick.

You don't even need to use the kick all the time, you just tank whatever you can in large quantities and if you start getting the feeling that you're losing your ground, you use it sparingly and strategically to give yourself some breathing room. After you experiment with it for a while, it really becomes an instinctive reaction and you don't need to make any conscientious judgement on when to apply it.

Also, as Heruzian pointed previously, it's a real Goblin catcher. Once you get adept with using that skill, no Goblin will ever again escape without surrendering his loot.

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