Why can't sell item on RMAH

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After maintenance, i can't sell item on rmah.....what happened? what error 32309?
yup. me too. i guess its bug
same here....
Hi all, just dropping in to let you know that we're currently looking into the issue. We'll be posting an update as soon as the issue has been resolved. Thanks for hanging in there while we get this checked out :)
i cant even access the GAH!
05/21/2013 11:25 AMPosted by Sÿlak
I'm losing money every hour, hurry up!

Lucky you! I'm losing money by the second!

I've already gone into debt!
8 hours late, nothing changed
Hi all, the issue is still being worked on. I don't have any other concrete info to provide, but I am keeping an eye on the threads regarding this and will be sure to post the updates as soon as I have them. Thanks again for your patience!


Since there are a few threads up about the issue, I'm going to lock this one up and will continue to provide updates as I receive them in this thread.

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